Short Story 1 part 6

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Jessie laid in bed that night and pulled the covers tight around her.  She was trying to shake off the feelings she was having for Sean.  She hated they that they snuck up on her after all these years.  She honestly hadn’t even thought about those feelings for so many years.  Sleep never came to her that night. Only memories and thoughts of Sean.

The next morning she climbed out of bed at eight when Kyle got up and the house was quiet.  She figured after the night before everyone would sleep in.  After feeding Kyle his breakfast, getting him dressed as quietly as she possibly could, they managed to get out of the house without waking anyone up.  She planned to take him to the beach and let him swim away the day.   She really just wanted to spend the day with her son and get Sean off her mind. So far it wasn’t working.

They had been swimming for two hours when Kyle finally was done with the water.

“I’m hungry, mommy.” He said. Smiling she pointed to a hot dog stand down on the beach.  His eyes got real big, he had never seen a hot dog cart.

“Can we have one of those?” He asked excited.  When she nodded he giggled.

“Can we have ice cream too?” Laughing she agreed.

It was two o’clock by the time they got back to the house.  Dreading going in she noticed she didn’t see Keith’s van.  When she got into the house she saw the note.

Jess, thanks for putting up with us but we decided to head back early.  Have a great weekend and call me when you  get back to town. Keith

Letting out a deep breath, she didn’t know whether to be sad or relieved.

The rest of the weekend flew by and before Jess knew it she was packing the car  to make the drive back home.   It was almost nine o’clock at night when she finally pulled into ther drive way.

Thankful that Kyle hadn’t slept all the way home he went right out after climbing in his own bed.  She was unpacking their clothes and getting laundry together when the phone rang.

“Hello?”  Looking at the clock she could see it was almost eleven o’clock.   She was a little annoyed at the late call.

“Jessie it’s Sean.”  She didn’t say anything. Her heart started racing and she felt her knees go a little weak.

“Is everything okay?” She asked. She had no clue why he would call her so late if it was.

“Can we talk for a minute?” She rolled her eyes.

“Talk.” She said shortly.

“Okay, well see, I’m outside your house.”  There was silence for second. “Can I come in?”  Running to the window and looking out she saw a car in the drive way.

“Why are you here?” She asked confused.

“I want to talk but I want to talk in person.” When she didn’t answer right away he said, “Are you going to make me do this over the phone?”  He sounded like he was pleading with her.

“Fine, come in.” She said and opened the door.

She watched him get out of his car and walk to the door. Looking at her intensely this whole time.

“What is this about?” as she sat down on the couch and motioning him to sit in the chair across from her. Instead he sat next to her.

“Jessie, I told you I didn’t know if I loved Allison, right?”  She nodded. Not sure what to say.  “Well, I know now.  I don’t love her Jessie.  I’m not marrying her either.  You are all I’ve been able to think about since Saturday night.   I was in love with you six years ago. I was just afraid to tell you.  I am pretty sure I am still in love with you now.”

At first she didn’t say anything.  There was a time she would give anything to hear him say that.  However now things had changed. Now she had Kyle and regardless of what he says just a few days ago he was marrying another woman.

“But this weekend you loved her enough to want to marry her.”  She didn’t say it as a question just a simple statement. Almost to herself more than him.

“I was trying to tell you something when you stormed away that night.   Allison is moving to New York. With or without me.  She never asked if I wanted to go she just said that if I wanted to be with her I had too.  I thought about it and I almost agreed but the truth is I don’t want to move to New York. My family and life is here.  I tried to tell her I wanted to stay here and she broke it off with me.  That was why Keith took me a way this weekend.”

Jessie just stared at him not really understanding.

“We weren’t in love anymore.  I am not really sure if we ever were. Because when I think about how I feel when I’m with you, I know that is love.  I know you are at a place in your life and I’m coming out of an equally long relationship, but I believe destiny brought us together this last weekend because it was meant to be.  A second chance for us.  For love.”

Jessie had tears in her eyes. She really didn’t know what to say. He grabbed her hand brought it to him mouth kissing it softly.

“What do you say, Jess?”

“But Kyle?” she whispered.

“I know about Kyle, and I know he is your number one and your life.  I want to be in that life too with both of you.” Wiping the tears from her cheeks with his thumb he looked her in the eye.

“You are a woman who knows what she wants and love what she has.  I want to be what you have.  I want to have you and Kyle.”

Jessie didn’t know what to do. She wanted to say yes and kiss him.  She wanted to forget all her past hurt and let him love her.

“Oh Jessie, let me make you smile like you use too. ”

Before she knew it she had whispered yes and had thrown herself at him.

She kissed him. A kiss that changed both of their life’s.  A kiss that promised them a second chance at love.

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