The first day of school.

I remember a time when this was by far the most exciting thing ever for the kids.  I would have so much to do. School supply list that was so long and ridiculous.  I often wondered if my kids every used some of the things I’ve had to buy for them over the years.   Now I have two in high school and the most I had to do was pay for the clothes they’ll wear and shopping wasn’t really all that hard because they have uniforms. Slacks and polo’s make my life easy.  They really don’t seem to mind either.

When I was little I would lay in bed for what felt like hour after my bed time and anxious about the next day. Creating stories in my head about what would possibly happen the next day and how I would react to it.  I have always been one to find a story in the situation before one actually happened.  Maybe that is why I turned to writing.  The stories I would sit and imagine in my head were always much more interesting and exciting than the what real life actually was.   My kids though,  asleep before I even think to tell them they should be.  On their own.  Unheard of when I was a kid.

I woke up at 6am, and both kids were already up.  So none of that hard to wake up crap for me.  It’s always been that way with my kids.  They set an alarm and they get up. On their own. Get dressed, on their own.

What is a mom to do?

I’ve requested a first day of school picture before leave.  This is what I got!

So for all those moms that are stressing over the first day of school enjoy it because one day it’ll just be another day.


(Pictured, Bobbie Ann, Alex, Josh)