One month down, a lifetime to go!(

One month ago I committed myself to mornings. It still amazes me how I made the transition to sleeping right up until I had to get up to waking up every morning early and liking it.  There have been a few mornings I did chose to use the snooze button a few times to sneak in a few extra minutes but even with that I’ve not slept over 6pm on a week day since the month started.  Half the time I’ve been up by 7am on the weekends. And the latest I have slept is 8:30am and that is after a late night hanging with family. Because you know this girl is a party girl, right! LOL

How did I do it? It was so easy. I simply wanted to.  I told myself I wanted to.  I would say 75% of the time I am up at 5:30 and the other 25% I “sleep in” until 6am. I’ve learned that I can get so much of MY stuff done in this time without a lot of interruptions and it helps me focus on my daily tasks throughout the day.  You have to stop saying I am not a morning person. That tells your mind and your body you aren’t going to do this. You have to tell yourself I am a morning person. I get up early. I like doing this.  It sounds so crazy but it works.

Here are the changes I’ve made in the last month and a few of the things I’ve gotten accomplished.

First I stopped taking my Paxil that I had been on for 6 months. I was on it because it seemed like I had horrible PMS about 3 weeks a month.  It helped me cope with a few things and get over a hump and I am happy to say the last 4 week wasn’t bad at all.  I was a little afraid of the withdrawal symptoms but since my dose was pretty low it was very tolerable.  Then I started using essential oils as a daily routine. Using them from anything to a morning and afternoon pick me up,  used them when I started to feel tension from a long day, I used them to cook and clean as well. Doing this allowed me to cut out some of the junk I had been using out that was not natural.   I stopped eating out and started preparing more food at home for the whole family.  Not only was that better for our bodies but our pocket books as well.

My morning routine is still in the works. A few things I know I will continue to do is my grateful journal, meditation and affirmations, blogging, my 30 minutes of personal development. I have also used that time for my direct marketing business. I get a lot done in that extra hour and a half. That way when it’s time to go to my day job and spend time with the family I am not distracted by it. I also started a new creativity program today that I will make time for in the morning so it has it’s own time slot.   I shoot for 10pm as a bed time but make sure I am tucked in and asleep no later than 11pm if I can help it.

One thing I still haven’t worked into the morning routine is my workout. That is going to be in the afternoon/evening.  I just don’t feel as strong and into it in the mornings like I do later in the day.

I’ve successfully cleaned and rearranged and even did some remodeling in our house this last month. Probably more than I have in the last year. I’ve thrown out no less than 20 bags of junk we have accumulated and really been active daily in keeping it that way. If you know me personal you’ve heard me say more than once I’m not a domestic person. LOL. Well, it’s happened. I even make my bed daily.  Why, because I read that successful people do. I am successful at everything I do.

Well, it’s almost 7am and the house is starting to look alive so it’s time for me go join my family in getting ready for the day.  Stay tuned in the next day or so for my next post on what to expect from me in December! You thought November was rocking just wait! It only gets better from here.

Real quick before I go, if you were interested in learning more about the essential oils company I am partnered with or why the oils are amazing just hit me up on my social media sites or use the contact me form in the menu! I can’t wait to hear from you!