It’s worth it.

The beginning of November marked a huge change for me. I not only changed my mindset on the first day but something even bigger happened. I became a morning person.

Yes, this chick right here who swore off early mornings for as long as she can remember and who swore that she couldn’t function before the sun was fully shining high in the sky became the early bird and I feel like I truly get the worm every single day.

Except today.

The last week has been super crazy and exhausting so when I got home around 8:30 last night I got everything ready for bed, did my 10 minute meditation and wrote in my journal a little bit then I put on this amazing Sleep Chakra meditation music and my eyes were closed before I even hit the pillow.

Apparently the one thing I forgot to do was set my alarm.


So thanks to my little kitten, Dodge, jumping on my back my eyes popped open at 7am. Too late to get any of my “MY TIME” in but enough time to make it to work on time.

You would have thought I was an hour late by the way my body and mind reacted. I felt stressed and anxious and rushed all day.  I thought back to the “before the morning me” and remembered I use to do this every day. Wake up in just enough time at 7am and rush to get everything done.  How did I do it? Why did I do it?

I’m more alive and more awake than ever when I take an hour or two for just me. That extra time sleeping only caused me more anxiety in my day.  Is this how I felt every single day I slept until 7pm? Is this why I was tired and feeling down and stressed daily.

I really can’t answer that except to say this:

Every single day I wake up before the rest of the people in my house I have time for me. (After I feed the animals of course)

I get to express my thoughts and feelings on paper. I get to express then in drawing if I want. I meditate and find things I’m grateful for. I evolve every single morning by dedicating a piece of the day to my personal development. And I do it all before the sun comes up.

Today was huge lesson. It’s worth it.  Being a morning person is worth it. Making time for me is worth. It makes me a better person.

Will I indulge in the extra sleep on the weekends. Sure I will. But when it comes to the week days and work days I will always choose my time.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can become a morning person to feel free to reach out. I would love to tell you the things that helped me.

Until tomorrow.