Productivity Hack 2

Hello, thanks for coming to hear yet another productivity hack to make your day run like a well oiled machine.  If you missed yesterdays please make sure you check it out. You can find all of them here. 

If you thought yesterdays hack seemed like a tough one, wait until you hear today’s.  The honest truth is these are probably the two most important things you can do.   So yesterday I told you how important it was to get a good nights sleep.

Are you ready for your next tip on a productive day?  Here it is.

Tip # 2: Wake up at least an hour early.

Say what? First you want me to go to bed earlier and NOW you want me to wake up an hour earlier?

Yes, I do.  And here is why:

I personally like to wake up at least an hour before the rest of the household.  It’s “my” time to get things I want to get done for me.   I read a book that really drove this point home called the Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod.  In this book he defined a morning routine that many successful people follow.  There is a Facebook community of over thirty five thousand people if you would like to find it and learn more.  The Miracle Morning Community.

Now while Hal suggest you do a routine he has an acronym for; S-A-V-E-R-S.

Silence (Meditation or prayer)

Affirmations (Goals and Intentions)

Visualization (Dreams and Visions)

Exercise (Yoga and Weight Training)

Reading (Self Help books and Articles)

Scribing (Writing and Journaling)

If you would like to know more about this amazing routine check out the community on Facebook or get the book.

Now me, I do many of these things but I can’t get them all done in the one hour I allow myself in the morning so my morning starts a little like this.

Gratitude & Purge Journaling. (15 minutes tops): I always start my day here. It helps me get a positive grasp on my day.  If I forget to do this or don’t for whatever reason  I can tell by my attitude and perception of things through the day.  I have a Gratitude Journal and every day I write at least a page of what I am grateful for.   It’s hard to be negative when you are looking for things to be grateful for.  Then if I need to I spend another ten minutes just writing about whatever is in my head to get it out.  It helps clear up space for whatever I’m taking in that day.  Its a method that has worked for me so well for the last four months.

That is really the only concrete thing in my mornings.   I want to make sure I start every single day off that way.

Now, I love to write, as I’m doing right now, and yes, I am currently in my morning hour.  I use this hour of time to get things that don’t fit into my daily routine done.   90% of the post on this site have been done in the hour I give myself every day.  I use to spend all day long trying to find time to write and because time wasn’t consistent, neither was my writing.  Now it is.

I love Personal Development.  I like to do my reading in the evenings before bed but if I have an audio to listen to I will add 15 minutes of that in here.  I also do any online research I may need to do in this hour of time I’ve set aside for me.

The whole point of the hour in the morning is so you can feel accomplished in your own things before you start the day on your work duties.   This one tip here has skyrocketed my productivity.

When you wake up early and start your day before the rest of the household you have less distractions as well.

Now you see why I said each one of these tips alone may not help but all of the them together will rock?  You really are going to need a good nights sleep if you are going to start waking yourself up an hour early.

My time here is about up so I’m going to leave you with this.

Tonight, make sure you go to sleep at a decent time and as a bonus, make sure the last thing you think is how excited you are to wake up early. Then set your alarm for an hour earlier.

Let me know how it goes and what routines you establish for your extra hour.

Hope you find this tip useful. Make sure you keep checking back because there are more Productivity Hacks coming your way!

Catch ya later!