It happens to all of us. We get an idea, take on a project, or have a job change and hit the ground running and then all of sudden we stop and an overwhelming feeling takes over.

“What have I gotten myself into?” I ask myself over and over.   You know you’ve been there.  I have been there and it’s quite possible I am currently there and this is my way of working through the feeling.

Yes, I do that. I take my real life feelings and experiences and convert them to readable material for you to laugh at.  No really, I love making others smile but I really love making others see that just maybe, they aren’t the only ones who feel this way.

Let’s talk about what being overwhelmed means. Shall we? (Y’all know I love definitions.)

Overwhelmed: -bury or drown beneath a huge mass// completely defeated// give too much of a thing.

I guess all those definitions are correct but when I think about overwhelmed and what it means to me this is what I get;

-A feeling that just maybe I have gotten in over my head BUT I know this is just a feeling based off of my currently perception and once I sit down and think the situation through, I’m going to know exactly what direction to go and I will no longer be overwhelmed.

Okay, did you get that? Do you agree?   It’s not that you’ve been given too much or that you are defeated. It’s that you just need to give it some real organized thought.

For some people, like me, that includes writing it down.   Maybe making a list or researching the crap out of the subject at hand.

Example: I’m new to the broadcasting application Periscope and a friend of mine asked me if I would like to be involved in group effort to bring a healthy lifestyle to the attention of all who would listen. Heck yeah I wanted too.

My topics were rest and stress management and I had to do a live broadcast on each. I’m not new to the healthy lifestyle topic and I can write all day long, but you want me to sit in front of a live feed and talk?

I had agreed without hesitation but started to freak out as the time for the actual broadcast got closer.  My friend who I was doing it with actually asked me if it was stressing me out, (she knows me well) and of course I said no,  (while shaking my head yes) , and went on with my day.

I swear it was literally the day before my broadcast and I told myself, “Pull your shit together and make a plan.”  So do you know what I did, I sat down right here where I am now and I began to write about it. I wrote out this blog post and when I was finished I laughed. Really, that was it.  All I needed to do was change my perception of the task at hand and it all worked out.

I’m pretty dang excited to say my broadcast’s on the #essentialife #rollingscopes rocked!

I’m sure that if you just stop your brain from over thinking about the issue that is overwhelming you long enough to think clearly you will find a solution that works for you.

Today I’m overwhelmed because as awesome as you all are, and I cherish every single person who takes the time to read this and all of my articles, I really would like to break into the freelance writing world.   I’ve done the searched and found a zillion ads but which one is right for me? How to put myself out there.

I love to write! I love to help people who run into the same road blocks, mental and physical as me.  I love to share all my experiences hoping that someone else learns from them.

Life motivation and lessons are my passion.  Growing as person and an entrepreneur is my passion. Fitness and health is my passion.    Fiction, especially romance, is my passion.  All of these I could pour my heart out on paper, or keyboard, and love every single minute of it.

Do I want to write about make up or food or traveling… No.

Do I want to write about technology or clothes or weight loss products… No.

So after spending a day, ( I know, it’s just a day), looking at whats on the surface available I see I’m going to have to dig a little deeper and I will.

So today, I was overwhelmed about my how to go about this whole freelance writing wanna be gig.  Thanks for letting me talk it out.  I’m ready to get out there and start scouring the internet for more writing leads.  (And if you happen to see one send it my way! Totally kidding, kinda.)

I hope you had an entertaining read and I hope you find a way to work out whatever is overwhelming you today!

Feel free to use my contact me form if you have questions or even if you have a topic you would like me to write about.

I’m going to go manifest my first gig now.

See ya!