I was taking a few minutes to reflect on 2015 today and I realized that life changed so often.   Some of the changes were very noticeable but others were very subtle.  The change would happen without anyone knowing it.  Change, is a way of life. It’s how we grow. So why do so many of us fight it so often?

My husband is an amazing man and here lately he has really opened up to new ideas but he was the worst when it came to change. He was so set in life and fought every single change for a very long time.  Even if the change was for the best he would immediately dread it and fight it.  I’m the opposite. I’m more flexible in life and open to change.  I like to think I’ve rubbed off on him the last ten years because lately he is much more open to new ideas and even the idea we can have a better life. An idea he fought for so long.

I look back and see how my work life changed, how my personal life changed, how I changed as a person. How my children changed, how my husband changed, how our mindset changed.  I see how our finances changed and how our outlook on life changed.  I won’t list ever single change but I will say we had some very significant changes last year.

I am anticipating some very big changes happening even as soon as next week in many aspects of my life. As a matter of fact, I don’t anticipate, I expect them, I manifest them.  If there is one thing I learned in 2015 it is that the law of attraction is a very real thing and I am using it to create the life we desire.

The definition of change is to simply make something different that what it is. Sometimes all that requires is changing the way you think about it.

One of the BIGGEST changes I am making this year is changing the way I think.  I’m no longer thinking in the past. From this day forward I am thinking in the present. I am thinking in the future. That change right there is what is going to help me create the life I desire.

I invite you to jump on board with this amazing new way of thinking. You won’t be disappointed.