It all starts with a cold glass of water!

imageAs the month began I had goals of doing what I personally thought was the unthinkable. No way in the world would this girl like to get up early. No way. You know what?  I was so wrong. This girl right here has now seen that the mornings are vital to my productivity.   I still get the same amount of sleep every night. Heck sometimes I get more but when I look back at my day I realize I get so much done.  So much more than I did before.   (Didn’t even mean for that to rhyme but it does! 🙂

November first I turned over a new leaf life. I wanted to be more productive done while also being more focused at the tasks at hand. There were thing I wanted to incorporate into my daily life and I had no clue where. Waking up early and having a morning routine just seemed like thing to do.  Today is day 11 of that new life and it’s been great!

Not every morning looks exactly the same but every morning starts before 6am.   Depending on what I plan to accomplish that morning my alarm is set between 5 and 5:45 AM.

If any of you have pets you know they come first in the morning.   Before the alarm even goes off my two cats and my dog are sitting fairly close to me, if not on me, staring at me just waiting for the alarm to go off. This often wakes me up now even before the shrill of the alarm.  Speaking of the shrill of the alarm, I hated it.   I have in the last week ditched the ear-piercing scream of the alarm clock for something more mellow and pretty on my phone. It definitely makes a difference in how I wake up. So first things first, wake up and feed the furry kids and let the dog out.

Then I pour me a glass of water to drink while I get my stuff together. Most of the time I get my coffee pot set up so all I have to do is turn it on but sometimes I still have to get it ready. Then I let the dog in, grab my laptop if my kid has taken it off the kitchen table and sit down.

Immediately I grab a journal and start writing what I am thankful for.  Looking for the good in things is a very important part of my day.  I like the first task I do to be putting in writing everything I am thankful for from my family to my animals to things that happened.   This happens every day.  I have noticed a huge difference in not only me but everything around me.  The more you are grateful for the more you will have to be grateful for. I truly believe that.    Have you heard people say make your own happiness? Well this is a good place to start.

I also journal any thoughts I may have on the previous day or what I would like to do that day at this time. Sometimes the simple act of emptying my brain so I can focus on new stuff is all this is but it works. Since I have been doing this I have been so much more focused than I was.   Sometimes I write ideas I had and sometimes it’s just stuff.

Next I check out my days affirmations.  In the future I do plan on doing my own affirmations but currently I am doing Brian Tracy’s 30 day Affirmation Challenge.  Today is day 12 because I didn’t do it over the weekend.   Today’s affirmation is I embrace my fears fully and calmly.   For those of you that don’t know, an affirmation is a positive phrase you say to yourself over and over through out the day so your subconscious starts believing it. You are affirming to yourself that this is true.   I say it out loud and I say it in my head when I find myself doubting things.  Anytime I can through out my day I make sure to repeat my daily affirmation.   Some record it and play it back to themselves in their own voice over and over. I have done this once and I think it was beneficial.

Working out goes here in my routine but I’ve only been doing some yoga and stretching. I still have to  convince my body it wants to work hard this early in the morning. So far my brain is all for the idea but my body isn’t so happy with me!

Now I haven’t gotten into the habit of meditating daily but I want too.  This is where I sometimes do it.  I started off at 5 minutes because my brain isn’t use to being silent or still.   I actually find myself being in this state of mind more towards the end of the day.    I’m not sure if I’m too tired in the morning but I will work this out and find the right time for me.   There are many free guided meditations that can help you if you don’t know were to start. This will be one of my focus’ soon.

Right about now I’m reaching for that cup of coffee.  I’ve already drank at least 8 oz of water at this point.  After sleeping all night your body is dehydrated so the water will help re-hydrate you, wake you up, and get your metabolism going.  I like to add some lemon essential oil or real lemon slices to my morning water for flavor and another boost as well.  However now I’ve drunk my water and it’s time for a good ole caffeine boost.

This would be where my morning varies from day-to-day. It really is going to depend on what I have planned or what I need to do. This is my “Get it done” time of day.  Monday of this week I wrote a blog post and Tuesday of this week I studies the Class in a Box material for my upcoming Essential Oils class.  Today I’m writing again.  The first week I woke up early I tried to do it all. Reading, writing, and whatever else I needed to do.   I found that I felt rushed.   I don’t like to time myself and say you get fifteen minutes to write and another 15 to read and that’s it.   So I decided to split it up. One day I would write and one day I would read or study or research.    Tomorrow I will digging into the depths of Wild Orange essential oil so I can write about it later. Make sure you check back if you are interested in it.

About seven o’clock my husband starts getting up and moving around and usually like to watch the news in the morning together so I try to make sure my morning routine is done in time so we can still spend that time together.

By the time I get to work at 8 o’clock I’ve already been so productive that all that I can concentrate on being successful at the task at hand.  Then when I come home at 6:30, eat dinner and want to relax in a hot bath, enjoy a good book for fun, or want to watch a TV show I know there is no guilt because I’ve gotten my “must do’s” done already.

I use to think there was no way  I could go to bed early enough to successfully get up early every day and I was wrong. I am in bed by 10:30 at the latest most nights and usually before 10.  I am ready so there is no forcing it.  I go to bed every night telling myself I am excited to wake up in the morning and when I wake up in the morning I remember how excited I am.

My morning routine has a lot of polishing to do. I’m still playing with what I want to do and when but it’s a start.

Listen to the thought you tell your self because they make a big impact on your day. They make a big impact on your outlook on life. Be positive. Think Positive.  Live Positive.

Thanks for reading.


**I’ve attached a contact form if you live in the Evansville IN Area and would like to attend an Essential Oils Beginners class please let me know.