How did you do?

So we have almost made it to the end of January. The first month of the year and my question for you is, “Are you still moving forward?”

January is known for the month of resolutions, goal setting, and raising standards.  Most people don’t make it through the first month of the year. Did you?

My January was not without trials and  tribulations but I have to say that when I look back at the month I am very happy with how it unfolded.  It is important to be flexible and to allow for a shift in focus as life happens.  So before you start feeling like a failure because maybe you didn’t hit one particular goal ask yourself why and then ask yourself what did you accomplish.  Maybe you found something bigger and better to focus on.

On the first day of the month I was offered the opportunity to pick up instructing fitness again.  I had once studied eagerly and loved instructing classes.   Now I’ve added at least two classes a week at our local Skyzone instructing Skyrobics.  This was not only an amazing opportunity to jump back into the fitness world but it also has connected me with some really amazing people.

My focus on my network marketing business wasn’t as strong or as often while I was learning the ropes at Skyrobics but I have sold more products this month out of my stock and educated several people who needed it.  I’ve gotten some amazing training and have a learned a more efficient way to make this work for me.  I look forward to implementing this in February.

My day job as Internet Manager at the car dealerships I work for has changed but those changes will not effect me really until tomorrow. I’ve also picked up a few more duties on the internet side of the Dream Car Museum as well.

I finished up a Creativity course I was beta testing this month and I have to say it seriously jump started all my creative juices. I’ve not only written in this blog many times but I’ve written in my journal regularly and the other blogs I ghost write for.

Lastly, I’ve successful implemented my morning routine all but one work day this month. (Totally forgot to set the alarm. oops)

So in looking back at the last 31 days I am pretty dang happy with the forward momentum of my life. I have some really great exciting things coming for me in February but I will write about them later.

Take a look at your month and tell me, How did you do?