Big things happening next month!

imageHappy Halloween!!!!! It’s October 31st  and I’m so dang excited to start November. I have made a decision that I am going to a make this next month awesome!  I have so many things I’m ready to implement.  One may say it could seem a bit overwhelming but honestly, it all goes and in hand.

First off, and I hope this doesn’t make everything else harder, I am getting off my Paxil.  Tomorrow is the first day I won’t be reaching for that little bottle in the morning as I pour my first  cup of coffee.  After talking to my doctor and my pharmacy I am going to be just stopping it.  Because i am on the lowest dose they claim it will be okay. So, time to detoxify my body from that poison.

Then, I am going to implement my morning routine which I will also put the finishing touches on tomorrow.  Of course I will be tweaking it as I go until it works just right for me. It will include daily affirmations, meditations, exercise, personal development, writing and exercise.    I am going to do these morning routines on the weekdays because unless we have plans I really enjoy the extra snuggle time with the hubby.   After I finalize and utilize it I will write about it and let you know how it goes.

I’m going to kick my network marketing business into high gear and quit all the procrastination I’ve been doing for the last six months.   I heard a periscope recently by a woman who really put it in terms I could understand. “Just do the damn thing.” So, I’m going to do it.  I’ve already booked my first class for November 17th. I want to enroll at least one WA from that class.  On another note, if you are on Periscope go search DannyJdotcom. She is awesome!image

I realize it will be harder to do with Thanksgiving but I am also going to try to get my nutrition back in line this month too! I have big goals for the spring and summer and I need my body to be as healthy and strong as it can be.  I am taking back that dedication to healthy eating I once had and making it mine!

I am also committing myself to write two blog post a week.  I would like one a week to be dedicated to my business.  Right now I am researching an essential oil every week to learn more so for a while one a week will be that.

Now Periscope. I mentioned it. Is anyone on it? I LOVE it.  Now my goals for periscope are two fold.   First off, I’ve never broadcasted my own periscope. So, my first periscope goal is to broadcast 3 scopes a week! I’m kind of freaking out about this but hey, you have to just do it. “Just do the damn thing!” Right Dannyj?  The other side of my periscope goal is not let it distract me as much as it does. It is so easy to stop what you are doing to watch a scope. My new goal is that if I am doing something else that builds and supports my goals to NOT stop and watch the scope. I have dedicated a time every day I can watch replays.  The only exception is if I personally know the person scoping and the subject follows what I am doing.  I love watching the scopes everyone shares and I learn new people to follow that way but I am really going to have to stay focused if I am going to meet my goals.

Part of my morning routine will be reading.  My personal goal for that will be to read at least three personal development books next month. I have the three picked out already.

So now that I’ve made my goals and how I am going to get there public I am asking you to hold me accountable.   I cannot wait to see how November goes. Nothing but success here  baby!

Just a quick tidbit about my network marketing company. I’ve partnered with the most awesome Essential Oils company. If you are interested in learning more just fill out the contact form below.

Thanks for reading!