Welcome to the links to our first ever #essentialife #rollingscope  that took place on the first week of February.   Myself and three very amazing like minded friends got together determined to educate anyone who would listen on living a all around balanced healthy lifestyle.  We used this Wellness Pyramid as a guide.

doTERRA Wellness pyramid (1)

On Monday, we each did an introduction.   You can find those videos below.

Jamie’s introduction here! @jfellrath

Rachael’s introduction here! @lunkeoils

Joyce’s introduction here! @driftseed

My introduction! (take 1) @jennyjones529

My introduction! (oops) (take 2) @jennyjones529

On Tuesday Rachael and Joyce ruled the rolling scope!

Rachael’s talk on reducing toxic load!

Joyce talks healthy food while showing us a healthier brownie!

On Wednesday Jamie and I ran the show!

Jamie talks about how to get moving!

I talk about how to manage stress!

On Thursday we had a guest scoper so Rachael and her pal Cara took over!

Rachael gives away her secret recipes!

Cara talks healthy food prepping! (oops, we don’t have a link for that)

Friday was the finale! We all had a turn!

Rachel told her story! Long but totally worth the listen on Gut health!

Joyce shows us how to reduce our toxic load and make homemade deodorant.

Jamie shows us how to keep moving all day!

I tell you why you need sleep!

We really enjoyed this opportunity to tell you about a healthy lifestyle and we can’t wait until our next one.  Don’t worry, one is already in the works.