Productivity Hack 1

Hello there and welcome to my first day writing about tips to make you more productive.   As you read this it’s important that you keep an open mind about what I’m saying. Maybe you have actually tried these tips before but were unsuccessful.  Maybe it isn’t just the one tip but everything else you were doing that caused it to not be of help.

There is a always a bigger picture and in order for one piece of the puzzle to work all of the others have to fall in line too. So as you tune in the next few days keep a notebook near by so you can jot down my tips.  I promise at the end of this series you will have the  tools you can use to make you not only productive but successful.

So, lets get on with it before my writing time runs out.

Tip #1: Get a good night’s sleep.

Yes, I went there. It is the #1 productivity killer.

Not too long ago I wrote about why we needed rest.  You can go back and read that here.  Many things we do during the day process when we sleep.   Everything we learned is moved from our short term memory to our long term memory.   Also, when you are well rested you can focus more at the task at hand and not get so side tracked.  And let’s not get started on how it effects our moods.  You know we are so much more productive when we aren’t irritated or tired.

So for today I want you to write down on your notepad.

Productivity Hack #1:  Get a good nights sleep.

And don’t forget to check out my article on why sleep is important and how to know if you are getting enough.

You may say this first step is impossible for you. That you have too much going to sleep but once your life starts working like the well oiled machine it is meant to be you will not only have the time to sleep but for other things in your life you want to accomplish too.

There are many other things like stress, anxiety, and worry that can also keep us from getting a good nights sleep. If this is you, then refer back to this article here on Stress Management.  It’s hard to sleep when you are stressed so in order to get this first tip down you may need to tweak a few more things in your life.

So Check out the two blogs I’ve referenced and try to get some sleep tonight.

I will catch you tomorrow with your Productivity Hack 2.