The Transformation of Magna Motors.

We talk a lot about transformation and one always thinks about the physical aspect of change.  I’m going to share some before and after pictures of my place of employment of a change that happened within a year and half time frame.  The pictures show a drastic change from an old dealership that was out dated to a new state of the art dealership that sells luxury brand vehicles.  The change in the dealership is just amazing.  In my eyes it is the most beautiful dealership in the Tristate and I’ve seen a few.   I’m not here to tell you about the obvious change in the physical looks of this beautiful building many people came together and worked very hard on.  I’m here to tell you about the change you do not see. The change within.

We call it the Magna Difference.


Once upon a time there was a man and his name was Mike.  Mike decided one day he wanted to own a car dealership.  I’m sure there is a back story here and I do plan on asking him about it one day.   He found a building and lot for sale and he found two brands and before he knew it he had himself a car dealership.   Again,  I’m sure there is more to this story but we won’t dive into it today.   In the summer of 2017 the doors open and Magna Motors Evansville Mazda Volvo was born.




As I wasn’t there for the first couple months I didn’t meet the original employees.  They were the new kids on the block trying to make in a town full of well-known dealerships with much more options to choose from.  Many of them were not local themselves and lacked the contacts needed to make the dealership operate and run smooth and effectively because of it.  The dealership has seen many faces come and go and even though not every person who walked in the door contributed the success of the dealership every single person made Magna Motors what it is today and has helped us grow to where we are today.   Magna Motors has been through a lot for only being open for a year and half and at the end of the day it has really only made it better and more efficient.


We strive on helping every single customer that comes through the door.  We feel that customer service and how we treat the people who entrust us with their business should be the priority of the dealership.   Don’t belive me, let me prove it to you.   I’ll show you review after review of how Magna Motors has made our customers grateful they chose us to purchase their new car.  Our service, parts, and body shop has grown and is just as amazing.   We have learned that when you take care of the customers that everything else falls into place.


Our transformation from the new kids on the block to a successful thriving dealership,  I promise that is what we are now, has not come without some hardships or the loss of great employees. Some couldn’t see the bigger pictures and decided to jump ship before we reached success and others were just not the right fit.   We have had to jump obstacle after obstacle to get where we are today but it only makes ending a very successful month that much sweeter.


As I said, you can look at the pictures of the physical transformation of this beautiful building and enjoy the success of the contractors but until you feel the sweet satisfaction of knowing that every month was better than the one before you just don’t realize that the building isn’t the only transformation happening.


I’ve never been prouder to work for a company as I am today.  The owner is one the most professional yet personable man I’ve ever worked for.  He values his employees and stands behind them when needed.  His door is always open and he doesn’t hesitate to get out there and do exactly what his employees do.  More often than not we have to remind him that it isn’t his job to do a walk around on a car with the customer but that is what he loves.  He takes pride in his dealership and he takes pride in his brands and when you meet him you see it.   Most importantly he has a team put in place that is making this dealership move forward month after month.  Work is not always fun and it isn’t always easy but when you open your mind up to change and hard work it is always satisfying when you see the success at the end of a month.

I got mine

This success is leading us to grow.  That being said we are looking to hire some employees to fill some key positions to help the dealership continue to grow.  Some days it is fun and some days it is hard.  We need people who WANT to grow and WANT to be successful but more importantly we need people who will take the actions to make this happen.  If you want to join the growing success that has become Magna Motors I encourage you to come see us.  Show us that you have what it takes to help us take Magna Motors to the top.  You won’t be disappointed.  I know I am not.


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*Photo creds of building and transformation to Empire Contracting