First blog of the new year!

Happy New year everyone! I’m super excited that it seems like this little place I have started visiting daily is now actually being read. I would love to hear what you think so please feel free to leave me comments.

If you follow me on my social sites you know that this week I declared my Power Week and I’ve been listening to a few of my favorite audiobooks as I work, journal, and just sit around.   A few are Go Pro, the Secret, and several smaller ones from Jim Rohn and Zig Ziglar.  I was determined to head into this new year with everything I have learned fresh in my mind. I am determined to make this year it happens for me.

Don’t get me wrong, this last year was pretty freaking amazing for me too.  I hit many goals I wanted to an had a lot of changed in life and my work.  This will be the year I implement and bring everything I’ve been learning and working towards together.

I have heard so many people talk about how making resolutions are just crap because you should be doing this every day. And you should! I do. I work on myself daily. I work towards my goal daily. I do believe in the new year craze though because it gives those that need it a clean slate and those that don’t a deadline of sorts.  I still haven’t publicly shared my goals yet but I will.   I have one major goal for each aspect of my life and many smaller ones with intentions for each on how I will get there.    Have you set intentions for yourself? Do you know what you will do every day to reach your big goal? If not, you should.5acd299aa9c206ad4bbf0b969d482986

I’ve always believed in the Law of Attraction and I’ve seen it work in my life many times.  This week after listening to the Secret I’ve started not only upping my game on it but teaching those around me, my husband, my employees, and children, how powerful it can be too.    I’ve told them, myself, and everyone who will listen that we are so successful. Opportunity knocks every day we just have to open the door and take it. I have told them how amazing our life is and even though that was an easy one because it really is, they feel it too.   Together we are going to go into 2016 with a new outlook and make it amazing.

And as proof that this happens, on the very first day of the year I woke up and the first thing I see is an exciting new opportunity that will help me grow in my life.   To some it may seem small and insignificant but one day I will explain the amazing benefits this opportunity will give me.  When things are more set and final I will tell you all about that. Until then just know that so many amazing things are in the works for me.  Last weekend I made a product for a friend for Christmas and by doing that it fell into the hands of someone  who is well known in the music industry.  Another open door? Maybe. Who knows.   All I know is that I have the tools available to me to make my life successful and you better bet your ass I’m going to use them.

Welcome to MY 2016! It’s going to be a crazy ride. Hang on!