When you wish it would just go away! Part 2

Maybe you read my post yesterday inspired by what one of my boys told me  about how to stop thinking about and dwelling on those unwanted thoughts, people, and situations.  And maybe you didn’t. Maybe today is the first time you’ve taken a moment to read anything a I wrote.   If that is the case I encourage you to go back one post and at least read that one first.

If you already read it and you are ready to hear about the other methods the Wiki article taught me, just keep reading.

Yesterday I told you about the method of using your brain. Just to recap it included acceptance, distractions throwing away the thoughts , and looking for a lesson learned.  I can’t say I’ve used all of these methods nor can I say it helps in all situations.  I’ve used the acceptance method which works best for me so far and I’ve used distraction which is more like a Band-Aid.  I guess in a way acceptance is also looking for a lesson learned.

Today I want to talk about other methods. Like Keeping busy.   Now hello! That sounds simple enough. It is. Here are a few helpful ideas.

GET ACTIVE! Probably one of my favorite ideas. The last few years I was pretty active and I hate to say that the last year or so I’ve gotten lazy. That is slowly changing. I need activity back in my life. NOT because I need to forget thoughts though. I need activity because it makes you happier and healthier.  I better stop with that because I could probably go off on a 500 word tangent about exercising but I won’t bore you with that, today.  Today lets talk about why getting active will help make you forget those unwanted thoughts.  Well, because it occupies your mind with other stuff. You engage your brain and hands in other things it needs to focus on there is no room for those unwanted feelings and thoughts to surface.  It also creates endorphins in your body which again will make you happier and ultimately improve your mood.

You could laugh! Yes, full out laugh!  Did you know laughing is actually engaging the brain. It is telling the brain and body to make noise and gestures.  Laughing also helps to reduce stress.  Find that funny friend you have and hang out with them!

Mentally strenuous activity also helps.  When you are mentally focused on something, whether it be a crossword puzzle, video game, your homework,  your brain has no time for unwanted thoughts because it is so busy trying to figure out your other problems.

Or you could talk it out. Talking it out with a friend sometimes helps a lot. Sometimes just voicing the thoughts help put them to rest. Who knows. Your friend may just have some insight into those thoughts you didn’t.

Those are all different ways you can engage your brain to stop thinking about the things you wish would just go away!

Have you done any of these?  Let me know in the comments. I would love to hear.