Shake it up. Dump it out.

Imagine a box full of puzzle pieces. Not the box with like 100 pieces but a 500 or 1000 piece box.  You shake it up, you dump it out, and one by one you start to separate the pieces.  You have your edge pieces, your like color pieces, you may even separate them by shape.  You choose which ones are priority and you start there.

I always start on the outside and work in.  Some people start with just two pieces put together and build out.   There isn’t a right or wrong way to make progress on the puzzle.  Whether you are working from the inside our or the outside in eventually it all comes together and makes a whole puzzle.

That is just like life.

One of my favorite things to do is take a handful of puzzle pieces and find the way they work.  Matching up the shapes and making them fit snug.    

Why am I talking about puzzles?  

Just like life, problems can be looked at like a puzzle too.  I like to think of myself as a problem solver.  I love to make the pieces fit together the way they are supposed to.  Some people get discouraged and try to force two shapes that aren’t exactly alike together.  Not me.  No sir. I like to methodically try one piece after another until it works just perfect.    Sometimes it takes a little longer and sometimes it takes more patience than some have.  

I get bored easily.  I look for puzzles to work and sometimes they may not be my puzzles to work and it may get me in trouble.  Sometimes even after I work a puzzle I put it back in the box, shake it up and work it again because why not?

I wonder if times my calling may be puzzles.

Don’t get me wrong,  sometimes I want the easy puzzles.  The 20 piece puzzles with the big gigantic shapes.  Sometimes I need that in my life too.  But I crave the thrill of fitting those tiny pieces of 1000 puzzles back together after they’ve been all mixed up and shifted away from their home.

You think I’m a bit nuts sitting here writing about puzzles don’t you?

Have you figured it out yet?  What do the puzzles mean to me? What do the puzzles mean to you?  I really would love to know how you feel about them.

I set out tonight to write 500 words.  It didn’t matter to me what I wrote about.  I read an article a friend posted with 500 writing prompts.  I opened it up and even saved it to my computer. One by one I read through those writing prompts.  One by  one I shook my head knowing there was no way I was writing about that.

How boring would it be if I was to tell you about my most prize possession as kid.  It was a dark gray basketball by the way.  I cherished that thing.

Anyway, I’ve now hit 497 words and by the time I finish this sentence, (yep here I am), I will have hit 500.  Mission accomplished.

One of these days I’ll tell you more about the puzzle of my life.  You may think you know… but do you?