Do you love yourself?

I started my journey to health and wellness in November of 2010. I had no clue at the time that it would change my life and become one of my biggest passions.   Someone asked me last week, ten years ago did you see yourself here?  I laughed. If you knew were I was ten years ago you would have too.

I’ve learned so many things in the last five years.  How to eat healthy, how to exercise, how to motivate people (which is probably my favorite), but the one thing I learned that is priceless is how to love myself.

Overweight, angry (some would say hostile), negative. All words I would have used to describe myself along with unmotivated.

I asked you what you saw when you looked in the mirror?  I didn’t look.  Because I hated what I saw.

First, realize you are beautiful even before you lose a pound.   Losing weight won’t make you beautiful but the change you will see in your attitude, your health, your mindset, will make you stand out. Your beauty will shine through.

When you feel good about yourself and all you do you start to truly love yourself.  Others notice and they in return start to show more appreciation for you. You know the old saying, you can’t expect someone to love you if you don’t love yourself? It’s true.

So today I want you to find five things you love about yourself.  Write them down.   Put them somewhere you will see them daily.  Then tomorrow, do it again.  Five different things.  When we start looking for what we love, the things we don’t love will start to fade.  When you love yourself, this journey to health and wellness is going to be so much easier!

Have a great day!