Happy New Year

Every year now for a while I sit down on NYE and write a post about my year and how great it was or talk about the highlights and the moments that sucked but this year I am not even looking back.  Screw 2016!  I mean that in the most affectionate way ever!  2016 gave me some of the best and worst memories and feelings and honestly all I want to do is move forward.  So here I am, making my annual “guess what, the year is ending” post and only looking forward!

I have some really exciting things planned for 2017.  I’ve already signed up for a half marathon in the beginning of May, I’ve committed to a family team for the Tough Mudder the first week of June and by July 1st I’m going to be a grandma!  I have other things going of course but those are the big 3.  I intend to have the best year yet!  I hope you do too!

If you were part of the amazing times I had in 2016 know that I’m keeping you around! You are what made my year rock!  If you only brought me down, I’ve already released you!  (You is not necessarily a person.  You  may be an object, behavior, person, activity, or anything else.)

Below are just a few of the precious memories I hold from this year!

Until later,


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