About Me

About me.  I update this section every few years because it seems like I am always growing, reinventing my life, and doing different things but some things never change.  The ramblings in my head.  Welcome to the diary of a busy girl.

I am a wife to Bob, Mother to Jimmy and Josh, Mammy to Millie and Bodee, and obsessed with my fur babies Johnnie Cash, Junie B, Pepper, and Dodge.  (Two black labs and two cats).

If you ask me what I’ve done with my life I would have to ask you at what age? What phase?  There is so much inside of me aching to come out that at different times of my life my focus is different.  I have my fitness and nutrition phase when I coached and taught fitness classes, I have my writing phase which is when I write in this blog, I have my creative phase where I started an Esty shop.  I have my introvert phase where I stay in 24/7 and read or listen to one book after another.  I have my professional life where I help manage a  car dealership.  You will not find this blog about one thing in particular and some days you will wonder where the heck that came from.  My head… unpredictable and sometimes a little weird.  But this is me. Enjoy.

I LOVE personal development and growing. I love to listen to it and I love to read it. I love writing about it. So you will find several ramblings here about things I have saw or learned.  I will see a post or a quote and it will lead to a whole rash of emotions and most likely you will get it.

I’m opinionated.  Some are good. Some are bad.  You will get those too.

A few other things I have done is I have written a few books and one is available online at all major book stores.  “The Power of Love”.  If you like romance fiction, check it out.  Be nice.


I hope you enjoy the time you spend reading my ramblings and I appreciate any feed back. Keep on scrolling to see my most recent posts..

You can find me on facebook here:  My Facebook Page

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. HI, Jenny! Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my post on chocolate. I am enjoying my visit to yours. You are certainly a multi-talented lady. Keep up all the good work!

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