Day 1 of the new year!

I don’t mind saying that today was a pretty dang good first day of the year.  I was happy, really happy today.  I did a little yoga, had a little friend therapy, read the first excerpt from my newest daily read.  365 days with Self Discipline.   Todays read was on learning to live the hard way.

You may wonder why someone would choose the hard way.  It’s not about wanting to take the hard way but more about challenging yourself daily.  Getting good at handling the hard way so when other problems you don’t choose arise it isn’t as overwhelming or stressful to deal with them because it is just something you do.

I can really get behind this vision because I don’t look at problems and challenges as difficult and scary.  I look at them like a big puzzle to solve and those of you who actually know me know how much I love a good puzzle. Give me  big mess at work to untangle and put back together and I’ll be happy as can be.

I think about the challenges I’ve faced in the last two months at this new job and realize that the issues I’m facing there are minor and insignificant compared to the amazing experience I could have there.  I’m starting to earn my place.  The others who work there are starting to notice my worth and it is time I tell them what I already have known.  I can make this company shine.  I can help make my department successful creating success overall for the business.  All I have to do is believe in myself and then convince them to believe in me.

This is a challenge that two months ago I choose and it is time to embrace the hard way and make it work and make it happen.

Live the hard way.  Before you know it someone else’s level of difficulty is just going to be normal every day business for you as you work it out quickly and efficiently.

I hope everyone had as great as a first day of the year as I did.

Until my fingers start slapping the keys again..



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