You look up one day and it’s a warm sunny day in March and all you can do is shake your head.  How did you get here.  You could have sworn that the last time you took a moment to look out the window during the day it was a cold dreary day in January.

Not anymore,  the sun is shining more now and you start to see bugs making their way to the world from whatever dark hole they hibernated in. If you look closely you can see buds starting to bloom on the trees.  When did that start?

The wind is no longer bitter as you walk outside slicing across your face as sharp as ice.  Instead there is a warm breeze that surrounds you, comforting you, letting you know that brighter days are coming.

Suddenly you feel the fog of winter start to dissipate in your mind.  In it’s place you can feel the sunshine deep into your bones and it soothes your soul as nothing else could.

You feel your mood start to lift and you if you look real close you can watch the darkness and fatigue and depression of the cold winter months start to roll away in the breeze.

The season is changing, don’t hold back, let it all go.  Let the sun shine in!


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