Habit is what keep me going.

Habit has is what has got me out of bed today with the promise coffee.  Lots of coffee.  Then of course I just needed to make sure the kids crawled out of bed and were getting ready. They were.  So here I sit at my keyboard wondering what the heck will come out as I start typing because just like waking up early is a habit, so is writing.

The first day of school was very anti-climactic in our household yesterday. There were no funny stories of what teachers said or what friend did.  I asked how their day went and they both said, “Good.”  Good. One word. One word I know as a teenager can range from meaning great or not too bad.  Then I got a stack of papers to sign.  Most of them being written out like behavior contracts.  The kid signs saying he will behave and then I sign saying I know said kid said they will behave.  My boy will probably talk to much and my girl will probably get in trouble dirty looks.   Both take after me! 😉

I practiced my flute yesterday after work for about an hour. I swear when I picked it up for the first time Sunday I had completely forgotten how to read sheet music but it has seemed to come back to me.  I forgot how it felt to listen to the music as played.  To feel the music.  It is an escape for me and I can’t believe it was something I let go.  It is truly a passion I have rediscovered.  I need to take it soon and have a few pads replaced because I can tell a few notes I really struggle to get out but the truth is I don’t want to be without it now that I’ve found it again.  I’m going to have to bite the bullet and do it soon.  Maybe after this weekend.

One thing that has fallen off this week is my fitness activity.  There isn’t exactly a reason for it but I seem to go through the same cycle every single month.  Two weeks hard core workout schedule , one week at regular workout schedule and one week of a total slacker. I guess this is my slacker week.  I need to make sure I pick that back up.  It is so easy to fall into that mindset and stay and lord knows I need to move.

Finding balance is something I’ve been striving for.  I need to balance my work, fitness, writing, music, and family.   I suppose that is why I made it a habit to get up early to get that done.  And for the family sake, I don’t practice the flute until after work.

It’s about that time to load the kids in the car and take them to school so this is it for the time being.  Until tomorrow.

“Life is like playing the flute.  It may have many holes and emptiness but if you work it carefully, it can play magical melodies.” ~unknown


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