The Social Side

Just an update on the coffee situation I had yesterday. It does taste better today.  More coffee grounds was the key!  Nothing like starting your day off with a nice hot cup of scalding black cup of caffeine!  And in my case today it is Hazelnut flavor.  So yummy!

Today’s topic is social media.  Most people now a days especially in the younger generation don’t even have a meal without posting it on social media. This year 78% of all Americans have a social media profile.  Last year it was only 67% so I only look for that trend to increase as time goes and the generation who grew up without computers passes on. (Does that sound harsh?)

Businesses have to take to the social side to advertise because that is where we spend our days.  Consumers aren’t searching the web anymore for information and reviews they are hitting up the local Facebook pages and tags to see what their friends say.

We aren’t even the same people on our social sites as we are in person.  Sometimes it is a good thing and sometimes, well, it’s not!

But what happens when the information on these social sites are wrong? Yes it is true! YOU CAN’T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ ON THE INTERNET!

A good friend of mine posted a Facebook update last night that made me chuckle.  It was something I have been tempted to do 100 times in the past and just never did. See, I am the face of a few businesses on social media and tend to not rock the boat much there but this man speaks his mind and calls it like he sees it and it seems just simply awesome.

According to the social side you can get skinny in a few days by doing a few exercises and eating a few super foods.  You can make a fortune by doing a little work and these memes have you hating feeling like a victim of some very disturbing relationships.

The social side is so not forgiving. God forbid you misspell a word or forget an apostrophe.  Auto correct sometimes has us saying one thing when we typed another and hey, don’t forget to proof read because the social side will TEAR YOU APART!  Nothing you post is temporary and the more you screwed up the more it will be shared while serving your confidence and humility on a silver platter for all to devour.  This world we live in is more judgemental every single day.

Most people don’t even watch the news anymore they turn to the social side for that too.  A place where we post stories containing virtually no good information with a headline so catching that before you know it has been seen by millions.   And let’s not get started on the number of satire stories that get shared.  I’m all for a good conspiracy theory but really folks. Some of this stuff is crazy.

As you are browsing the social side today I just encourage you to try to sift through the bullshit and find the truth.  If we even know what that is anymore. Fact check. Double fact check.  Be kind and stop throwing stones. You never know when you are going to be the next superstar of the judgemental show we have going on here.

Have a happy Tuesday folks!



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