The morning after…

You may be asking yourself, the morning after what?  What did she do?  Sorry folks I am not that exciting. The morning after is referring to the morning after the night I couldn’t fall asleep!  I’m not sure if it is my continued evening workouts, the Mito2Max I’ve been taking for energy or because I just couldn’t stop by mind from running. All I know is it may take some extra coffee this AM to get things going.  I even slept in an extra 30 minutes today.

That doesn’t mean I skip my morning gratitude or writing though. So here I am at 6:30 am getting my words on screen. I do believe the muse is starting to wake up again though because today wasn’t near as hard to get going as the last two days has been.

So gratitude. What does that mean to you?  Obviously it means to be grateful for but how do you show your gratitude.  At work, I show it by giving results, showing progress, and working hard  At home I show it by actions and words.  Remember it is one thing to be grateful but that doesn’t mean much if you don’t let them know!

Make someones day today! Show someone you are grateful for them!

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