Happy May

I’ve been missing in action for  while. I’m not sure what happen except to say that I’ve started focusing on other areas of my life and this one fell to the way side. I didn’t want it to happen and I sure didn’t plan it to but it just happened.  I now have a good routine going so I’m going to try to get back to my balanced life.  It is where I was happiest and felt the most creative.

May is a month of life for me. The month I was born.  The season change is hard every year. You have a change in the time, the weather, and routine but by now you should start to level out and I’m hoping that it will be an amazing month for the both of us.

There are many things I will do daily that will account to the success of my day and some things won’t happen every day but just some days.  There are a few things that I NEED to happen daily so I’ve created a very small manageable checklist I will check off and at the end of they my goal is to have lived life and not just get through the day.

I want to talk a little bit about each item on my checklist.

Gratitude:  For months I started every single day writing down what I was grateful for and for some reason the last month that fell away.  I’m starting that again as well as joining my friend @driftseed on instagram in her #GratitudeExpands challenge to post daily on my gratitude.   When I start each day listing what I am grateful for, and I literally just write it in my gratitude journal, it is really hard to go into the day with a negative outlook on life.

Affirmation: I love to pick one affirmation daily and repeat it to myself out loud and in my head all day.  I also write it out it where I may see it when needed.  It really squashes the negative self talk that I am guilty of doing.

Writing: Writing is an important part of me and it has been for as long as I can remember.  I write to purge all my thoughts and worries and I write to express my feelings and show my creativity.  I don’t always write for others to see. Sometimes is just in the form of a journal entry or maybe even in a notebook that may be lying around.  Either way it is important to me that I get to express myself at least 15 minutes a day.

Exercise:  This right here is what suffers most for me.  I NEED exercise to keep my body and mind healthy and to keep my weight in check.  Also, if I am exercising daily I am more likely to keep my nutrition in check.   There are so many benefits of daily exercise and that is all for another time but at the very least I need to get out for a walk.

Networking:  I need to network daily for my business and my growth.  I may not be a super star but I’m going to work daily to make it work.

Personal Growth:  I need to do one thing daily to feed my personal growth whether it be listen to some audio or read an article or blog or book.

Laugh: Have you ever gone a whole day without smiling or laughing?   You know who makes you smile and laugh.  Find that person and live!

Thanks for letting me get my writing in for the day.  if you are lucky, you’ll get to read tomorrow too!


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