My Why! My son!

This showed up in my “on this day” on facebook today and I wanted to share with those new to me.

I haven’t always loved fitness. I was active as a kid but getting pregnant and having issues at the age of 18 stopped all of that. One day I took a look around at my life, my kids. My body, and knew I needed a change. my son at the time was my driving force. He’s his own man now and he is still one of my driving forces but now I do it for me. For my health. For my passion. Here is a glimpse into why I got into exercise.

Side note: he’s 18 now, still active and going to the gym. Still boxing when he has time.

If we can do it, you can too.

Jenny L Jones

On November 22, 2010 I started on a journey that ultimately changed my life! Not just my physical appearance but my WHOLE life. I did this not just for myself and because I needed to do it but because my children needed a healthier childhood. Until now, all of my success stories you’ve heard have mostly been mine but I’d like to tell you one from my son, Jimmy.

Some of you know that the summer of 2010 was not good for us. My husband was in the hospital for a while with heart failure and we lost a few important members of my family. One of them being my Ex Father in law, Charlie Brown, who was in reality another father to my boys. My children were there every day after school and they spent every Friday night with him. Every decision in this mans life revolved around my…

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