Short Story 1 Part 2

This is the second part in a short story I wrote. If you haven’t read part one yet start here.


It was dinner time when Kyle finally woke up. The long drive and fresh air must have worn him out.  She had him sitting at the small kitchen table eating spaghetti she had brought from home when Keith came up to the stairs.

“Uncle Keith!” Kyle yelled when he spotted him.

“Hey there buddy!  Whatcha doing there?”  Keith said laughing as he picked up the boy and hugged him tight.

“Uncle Keith, I get to go swimming tomorrow. Mommy said I could.”  Keith smiled and ruffled the boys hair.

“That sounds like fun! maybe I can go too.”

Jessie started to object to that but figured she wouldn’t do it around her son.  Instead she watched Kyle wiggle out of Keith’s arms so he could finish eating his favorite dinner.

“Hey sis, can I talk to you for a minute?”  Shrugging, Jessie followed him to the next room.

“What?” She asked a bit irritated.  She felt on edge for some reason.

“I’m sorry we imposed on your weekend.  I feel really bad. It’s just you hadn’t used the house in so many years I forgot to check with you.   We are going to leave in the morning.”

Jessie’s face softened at her brothers obvious concern over her time here.  In that moment she realized how much she missed him.  They use to be inseparable before she got married.

“It’s okay, Keith. Just stay and hopefully you’ll still have fun with a 4 year old running around.” Keith smiled at that.

“Can he come down and play after he eats?”  Smiling Jessie shrugged.

“I suppose so if you insist.”  Keith hugged her  and walked back down the stairs.

It wasn’t two seconds later when she walked back into the kitchen Kyle was grinning at her with spaghetti all over his face.

“Can I go play with Uncle Keith now? I ate all my paghetti?”  She laughed.

“Let’s get you cleaned up first.” And two minutes later she was chasing him down the stairs.

Jessie sat on the porch watching everyone run around the beach.  The guys were chasing Kyle around in circles.  It was a good thing too. After the late nap the child would up all night long.   Annie and Faith were spread out on a blanket in the sand discussing the latest gossip around town.   She couldn’t believe that these people were the same age as her. They seemed to so carefree and young and she felt so old and heart broken.   Deciding she needed to distraction from it all she picked up her book and began to read.

“Jess?” She screamed, and jumped almost out of her seat.  Her book hit the round.

“Oh god, Sean! Don’t do that again. You scared the crap out of me!” He smiled as he took the seat next to hers not looking the least bit sorry.

“Why aren’t you out there having fun and talking about gossip with those girls?”

Leaning over to pick up her book she tried to calm her heart beat. Not only was it still racing from being scared but Sean always had kicked up her heart rate a little.  She had a massive crush on him for years but he never really gave her the time of day.

“Well, for one, I’m relaxing which is what I came to do.  For two, I don’t do gossip. Especially when they are probably gossiping about me.”  Sean shrugged at her comment.

“Come on Jess. You don’t think you’re that important, do you?” He was smiling but she shot him a deadly look.  “I’m just kidding.” He said in all seriousness. “How are you? We haven’t really talked in years.” Jessie rolled her eyes.

“No, we talked last month when I was at my moms.”

“That isn’t what I meant.  We use to talk for hours. We would sit up late at night and talk until the sun came up when I would stay the night with Keith and he passed out on me.”

“We were kids then, Sean. And now I have a kid.”

“He’s a great kid, Jess. Super smart too.” she nodded and rolled her eyes.

“I know. He’s mine, remember?”  He stopped smiling and she could see she hurt him.

“Look, I just wanted to say hi but I forgot you only like to say smart ass comments.”  She sighed and stopped him from turning around.

“I’m sorry, Sean. Where is Allison?”   Jessie tried to say Allison’s name with no emotion. She remembered when Sean and Allison had first gotten together 7 years ago. She hated the girl.  Mostly because she had the biggest crush on Sean but Allison seemed very fake to her.

“She had something going on this weekend. Told me to come here without her.”  Julie tried to joke.

“Smart girl.”  Sean only looked sad.

“Guess so.”  For the first time Jessie realized Sean wasn’t happy. Not at all.

“What is wrong?” She asked with genuine concern.

“Nothing, I’m going back down there to act like a child.”

Without another word he got up, ran back to the beach, and grabbing Kyle twirled him around.

Jessie sat on the porch forgetting all about her book and watched the sun set.

I hope you enjoyed this excerpt from my short story.  Stay tuned for more!






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