Short Story 1 Part 1

Jessie packed up the car and looked at the clouds in the sky.  She was sure it would rain during her long drive to the beach house.  She hoped it was just rain. Kyle hated storms.   She had everything he would need for a long weekend. She was tired of sitting in this house, staring at these walls.  Every single room in this house had a bad memory for her.  She was hoping it was sell soon but so far no one had made an offer on it.

Paul, her no good rotten husband, or soon to be ex husband, had left her just two months ago for her best friend.  She hadn’t seen that one coming.  She lost both her husband and her best friend of ten years all at once.  Talk about a double blow to the gut.  She felt like she had no one.

She had been a good wife to Paul, or so she thought, and she was a good mom to Kyle, their son.   Paul had talked her into quitting a job she loved 4 years ago to be a stay at mom.  He   hadn’t really talked her into it, he had insisted on it. He also had kept her away from her friends as well.  She saw now.  She couldn’t really think of anyone she could call up to talk to.  She had become the perfect housewife and mom and catered to his every whim. She had dinner on the table when he came home, kept a clean house, and was the perfect host when they entertained his work friends.   She realized now they never once entertained her friends.

She wasn’t really close to her mother. Not that her mom would have been much of a comfort or help. She was busy with her newest boyfriend. She thought of her brother and how they use to be so close but even that relationship died after Paul came long.  Her family never liked Paul and didn’t make it any secret they were thinking they told her so about him.

It was ten o’clock in the morning by the time she had Kyle safely tucked in his car seat and they hit the road.  The beach house had belonged to her grandmother. Her and her brother had both inherited it when she passed away. Paul never liked the beach house so she hadn’t been there in two years. She was heading there now though. It was the perfect get a way for her.  No more walking around the house sulking. She was going to start living again.

Thanks to a nice settlement in he divorce she didn’t have to find a job right away.  Kyle started preschool in August so she figured she would wait until then.  She really needed to start thinking about where she wanted to start but she decided it could wait until after this weekend.  Right now she was just thankful that the heavy grey clouds over head hadn’t opened up and poured on them yet.

After a long four hour drive, almost an hour unloading and unpacking the car, and another hour of chasing Kyle around the beach to wear him out, she found herself curled up in an overstuffed chair engrossed in a book so it startled her when the door opened and laughter filled he room.

She was almost as shocked to see her brother Keith and his friends as he were to see her.

“Jessie, what are you doing here?”   Her eyes narrowed.

“Kyle and I wanted a long weekend getaway. What are YOU doing here?”

Keith shrugged, his girlfriend Anne, his two best friends Sean and David, and Davids girlfriend Faith were also looking a bit sheepish.

“Last minute plans. We didn’t realize you would be here. We can leave.”

Jessie looked at Keith and his friends and let out a sigh.  She knew all of them. Her and Keith were only a year apart so before she married Paul they had shared a lot of friends.

“No, it’s okay. This is a big house.  Kyle and I will take the upstairs and you guys can stay down here. How does that sound?”

Sean spoke before Keith could.

“You don’t have the hide the kid away from us, Jess.  He won’t bother us and you don’t have to stay up there alone either.” Keith nodded in agreement.

“It’s fine, I like being alone and he will just get in your way.” She felt like maybe she was being rude but honestly she just wanted to be alone.  She turned, picked up Kyle, and carried him up the stairs.


**Stayed tuned for more tomorrow.





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