Information overload

Have you ever just had so many things going through your head at the same time that nothing really made sense? Not even the simplest concept?  Sometimes that can be because you are trying to cram too much information in at once.  Right now, I believe I’ve done that.

I’m going to be straight up with everyone, I am partnered with an amazing essential oils company that has seriously stolen my heart. I’ve fallen in love with it and the products.   I have a burning desire to work this business and succeed at it. I have a great day job but this, this isn’t a job, it’s my future.

Because I feel this way I’ve been listening, and reading, and watching every single thing I can the last 2 weeks to learn the skills that will help me make my goals a success. Right about now I feel that about to backfire.

My mind is like  the perfect storm with all these things blowing around in my head. I feel a need to keep learning but first I need to process what I’ve taken in and learn how to implement it in my daily life and into my business before moving on to more amazing things.

In this day of technology you have so many things available to you. You can find anything you really need to grow.  I’ve started stock piling eBooks and audio for when I’m ready to move forward and would love any suggestions to anyone who has some great material.

I’ve been studying the The law of Attraction the last two weeks and have done a pretty good job of implementing it in my life.  I will continue to study it as well since we all know that it isn’t as cut and dry as want it. You have to feel it. You have to ask for the positive things in life and not ask for the negative.  I’ve done some studying of The Secret and You were born to be rich by Bob Proctor.  I’ve also listened to some Eric Worre and Go Pro.  And lets not forget The Millionaire Upgrade by Richard Parkes Cordock and learned about I Believe. Ive also listened in a little Bryan Tracy on Perception, Positioning, and  Self Image in selling.  I’ve listened to some videos of Haley Hobson’s and I’ve listened to some videos about network marketing. All in the last two weeks.

So now, before I take in any more information and forget what I’ve learned I’m going to focus on these the next two weeks.

Check back often so you can also learn what I’ve learned . I’m excited to break it all down and clear some space for some new stuff!

Until the next time.




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