When I need a little grounding.

We’ve all had those weeks where we needed to establish a feeling of calmness, peace, and relaxation. Who wouldn’t want something that promotes tranquility and a sense of balance.  That is why this week I’ve kept by side a little gem I’ve come to cherish. The Grounding Blend in the essential oil Company I am partnered with.

This blend works best on the bottoms of your feet. You can also put it on your heart, wrist, and solar plexus from neck to thymus.  You can also wear it as a perfume throughout the day.

This blend is created from four different essential oils.

Spruce: Grounds the body, creating the balance and opening neccessary to receive and give.

Ho Wood:  Soothing to the skin, appeasing to the mind, relaxing the body, and creates a feeling of peace and gentleness.

Blue Tansy: Helps cleanse the liver and calm the lymphatic system to help rid oneself of anger and promote a feeling of self control.

Frankincense:  Besides being awesome, it may help promote a positive attitude.

German (Blue) Chamomile: soothing to muscles and joints. Helps ease nervous tension and eliminate emotional tension.

When you add all of these together in the grounding blend the results are amazing!

This blend can help promote a whole body sense of relaxation, you can breathe it in deeply for a very grounding experience.  You can also use it before bed for a restful nights sleep.

It is really good to use while doing yoga or meditating.  I have added it to a Epsom salt bath fore than once.

I personally think this blend should come in a gallon bottle instead of the bottle. I’ve used it so much and shared it that I’m almost out. I can tell you, it’s definitely on the list of things I will be getting more of.

If this is something you want to use get  a hold of me with the contact me form or one of my social media sites. I would love to point you in the right direction.



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