Has your resolution made you sore?

It’s day two of 2016 and I can’t even count how many people started working out yesterday to begin on their journey of health and fitness or as most people are probably saying, lose weight!

It’s a great resolution too as long you stick with it. Why do most people not stick with it? Many reason actually. The lack dedication, the excitement wears off, they don’t make the time, and the most painful reason, it makes them sore.

This is one reason I love my essential oils.  Essential oil is a powerful drop of liquid that is extracted from a plant and then used for so many different things.  Today I used them to help ease some sore muscles.

There are many essential oils and essential oils blends that help support the muscular and joint system so all I did was mix a few of them together with some body balm ingredients for a easy to use, ready made,

I used some a soothing blend from the Essential Oils company I partner with as well as Lemongrass, Frankincense, and Cypress.

Here are some of the uses for these oil alone so together can you imagine how they will make you feel?

Apply on feet and knees before and after a workout.

Massage into your lower back after a heavy days lifting or working.

Massage into a growing kids legs before bed.

Apply to feet and lets prior to a long run for an energizing boost.

After a day of outdoor activity, apply to your hands an feet for a warming soothing effect.

Massage after a hard workout.

Apply after a long run for a refreshing feeling.

With all of these amazing benefits added into one little bottle it really helps with those post workout aches.

This balm spreads really well and this little container will last you a while.

I’ve packaged them in little sample containers to start. So if you are interested in trying it let me know. I have these sample bottles for $5 each. If you like it,  we can get you a bigger container. 12476200_10153382678244716_673846558_n

If you like the body balm, I can also make other blends as well. I have made energizing blends, sleepy time blends, and breath easy blends.

These are also available in roll on bottles as well.

You can contact me online here on my Facebook page

Reach me here!

or you can email me at jleighb149@yahoo.com

I am super excited to see how you like it.







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