How do YOU want to feel?

Welcome to the very last blog of 2015 for me. It has only been the last two months I’ve really been writing but I have to say that it has become the biggest part of my morning routine.  For years I’ve wondered how people find the time to do everything they do in a day to become successful and I truly feel like I may be learning a thing or two. I’ve been writing about it over the last couple months but I’m sure I will recap at one point.

With the new year coming up everyone is talking about their new goals, new resolutions.  Don’t get me wrong, I am too. I have been thinking long and hard about what I want to attract the next year.  I sat down and started writing some things down and when I was done I shocked myself at how BIG I went.  The crazy thing was that after the initial shock I thought, and just wait until the next year.  I have learned so much that will help me meet these goals that now all I have to do is implement them.  Wondering how I may do this? Just watch me.  Better yet, join me!

Now goals and resolutions are great to have and they are a must if you plan on changing your life but have you ever sat down and just asked yourself, “How do I want to feel in 2016?”

I’m one of those crazy oil ladies and one of my other crazy oil lady friends does a daily periscope on “How do you want to feel today?” using oils. It is an amazing concept that we can pick and choose how we want to feel and make that happen.  Some people will come up with every single excuse you can think of on how they aren’t in control of how they feel but I know you can control it. It doesn’t always mean I am successful at controlling the way I feel and more than once I find myself on a downhill slide but then I remember that I control this.  Guess what? You can too.

My friend Joyce, really turned me onto the idea that we can choose this for ourselves and she even gifted me some reading material to learn more about it. Thank you Joyce, you’ve been a huge part of my growth this year.    She turned me onto Danielle Laporte who is an professional speaker, entrepreneur and mentor. I won’t go into her here but if you are interested in learning more about  her you should definitely check out her website.

I also just finished listening to the Secret and it says for the Law of Attraction to work you have to feel the way you want to feel in order to manifest it. Thinking the thoughts is not enough.  So that is exactly what I will do.

Now I sat down last night and started writing down my plans for the next 12 months. I have been thinking about them for a month but hadn’t put anything on paper. I decided last night to get some of the ideas out of my head so I could make some room for new ones and it really surprised even me when I wrote at the top of the page, “How I want to feel in 2016” instead of “What I want to accomplish.”  Don’t get me wrong, that lists is there too but how I want to feel was the most important thing I needed to manifest first.

It only took me about 3 minutes to write down 10 ways I wanted to feel in the next year.  Some of these I already feel daily and others I feel coming.  Let me share my list with you.


  1. Confidence. Enough said.
  2. Strong- Physically and Mentally.
  3. Successful- In everything I do.
  4. Happy- Who doesn’t want to be happy!
  5. Valued- In life period.
  6. Loved- I feel this way every single day.
  7. Eager- I want to be eager to learn and live.
  8. Knowledgeable- Always learn.
  9. Fit- I want to feel healthy and fit in my body and health.
  10. Helpful- giving is better than receiving.

Now all that is left is to sit down and write out my intentions that are going to help me achieve these feelings. Those things together are going to help me hit my big goals for the year 2016. I cannot wait until one year from now when I am telling you how it all went.

Thanks for reading today! I will catch you next year!




2 thoughts on “How do YOU want to feel?

  1. Honestly, it’s a bit overwhelming because I am trying to “feel” or even “do” too much at once. I am focusing on learning balancing and feeling the present instead of always trying to create the future. It’s an adjustment but one well worth it

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