Lemongrass Essential Oils

lemongrassHello and thanks for reading!  Today I wanted to tell you about this awesome little gem of an essential oil.  I know that every single essential oil has so many benefits but it seems like every time I learn about one I need it! LOL .  This week I chose Lemongrass Essential Oil.  The reason I chose this particular one was because last week a friend of mine told me she used it to soothe her very sore muscles after meeting with her personal trainer.  That intrigued me because you know everyone in the fitness community always has sore muscles. Anyway, I decided to learn more and I’m really glad I did. it is also super affordable. Less than $15 for a bottle. ($10 if you are a wholesale customer!)  I’m adding this on my next order so if this is something you want, just let me know and I will add one for you too!

One of the reasons I overlooked this essential oil was because of its name.  I already have lemon so why did I need Lemongrass? It made have some of the same properties and smell similar but Lemongrass was for sure its own oil.  Both of them help support the body functions but they come from completely different plants.  Lemon Oil comes from lemons where Lemongrass comes from… lemon grass… You guessed it. Lemongrass has a recorded history that traces back to India.

They are both very similar in that they both support the functions of the body, both can be cleaned with and where Lemon Oil is great for the skin, Lemongrass is great for particular oily skin.

A few of the differences are  Lemon oil can be used to soothe skin irritation like bug bites but Lemongrass will repel them.  So you can wear it when spending a lot of time outside.  Where Lemon Essential Oil is used to help support the digestive tract, Lemongrass Essential Oil is used to soothe sore muscles.   Both will help boost your mood but in different ways. Lemon Oil will boost your mood and help you achieve mental clarity but Lemongrass Essential Oil helps liven your spirit if you’ve had a long stressful day.  repelsLemongrass can also be used in hair products.

Lemongrass has a very citrus and smokey smell.  It can be used all three ways you use essential oils. Aromatically. Internally. Topically.

A few uses that the company I partner with is:

*Combine with a carrier oil (Fractional coconut Oil or Sweet Almond Oil) and massage after a hard workout.

*Apply after a long run for a refreshing feeling.

*Add to your DIY cleanser to tone and purify your skin.

*Use to flavor entrees and meat dishes.

*Combine with Melaleuca and apply to toenails for clean and healthy nails.

*Rub or spritz on skin before going outside.muscle

*Blends well with Basil, Cardamom, or Spearmint.

*Diffuse for a refreshing Scent.

*Combine with Peppermint in a capsule to support healthy gastrointestinal function and maintain healthy digestion.

*Naturally repels insects.

This Essential oil has so many benefits I don’t even have time to list. If you are interested in learning more about it I would love to sit down with you and tell you all about it.

I’ve partnered with an amazing essential oil company so if you are interested in how to use them in your everyday life as a healthy and safe alternative please use the contact me form below.   I also hold many classes you can come and sample some of the oils.

Thanks for reading. Until next time…




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