What’s next?!

The official count down to the Tough Mudder began days ago. We are 21 days out. I have to say I’ve never been more excited for anything before. I decided six month ago, yes in December, that I was doing this and every day since I’ve woken up with the thought, “What can I do today to prepare for this?”  Am I in tip top physical shape? NO.  Could I be in better shape? Of course. I have plenty of room to improve between now and then and I will at the best of my ability. But the real question is, what’s next?

I love working out and being healthy and looking good.  But like most people, I burn out, fall off the wagon, a month or two without doing  it. Knowing I had to stay in shape for this run I was very careful to not let myself fall too hard. But in 21 days I will have reached the end of the this leg of my journey. My question again, what’s next.  What can I plan to achieve in the future to keep myself from falling again. What do can I train for? What will motivate me? Keep me accountable? What’s next?

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