And this started out a facebook post!

I just glanced at the clock and realized once again it’s going to be after 11 before I get to bed. I’m still not adjusting to my new work schedule. Couple that with the time change, (although I refuse to accept that it would still effect me) and I can’t seem to take my butt to bed. I’ve lost two hours in the afternoon after work with my schedule change and my body and routine is bound and determined to keep it. That being said, I can’t help but look back at the last two week and and think of all the times I thought, thank god.  I lost a job, and gained one that isn’t even comparable. I can’t explain enough how happy I am with the turn in my professional life. Then there is my book sales which seem to be taking off.

I want to talk about that for a minute. Until the last few years I use to have a self esteem problem. I used anger and sarcasm to hide it but my self esteem was low. I can’t blame anyone for that but me. My parents didn’t raise me that way and my family has always tried to lift me up even though I have always been bound and determined to stay hidden in the shadows. But that was then.

The last few years I feel I have broke out of my shell. I’ve tried new things. I’ve put myself “out there” for the world to see. It started when I started using social media to hold myself accountable for my weight loss goals. It could also be the amazing people I’ve watched and studied the last few years. I’ve met some really incredible people and they’ve really made an impact on who I am today. Maybe not who I am, but how I portray myself. There is no shame in showing your best side. No shame in saying, yes, I am the best. I can do that. I will do that.  If there is one thing I’ve learned about life, is that if I want  to give the world something I must first show them it works. I do that through me. Beachbody and all the amazing coaches I met taught me that. It isn’t about selling you a product. It’s about selling myself to you. For the record, I am not a beachbody coach anymore so don’t think I’m trying to sell you anything.

I think about my career now. I’m a Business Development Agent for a Car Dealership here in town. I had never done this type of work before. I’ve never successfully sold anything. What do I know about he car business???? But when faced with the question “Can you do this?” my answer was “Of course I can.” I jumped in with two feet and hit the ground running and I won’t stop!  I was telling the truth. I can do this. Because I truly believe in myself and the fact that there is really nothing I can’t do if I want to do it.

I’ve adopted that same attitude with my book sales. This is the second edition of this book. The first edition sold a few copies to my family members. I will be my royalties didn’t tip the $50 mark. I was afraid to ask people to pay the price for my book. I was afraid they would read it and wouldn’t like it. I was afraid to sell me. Well guess what??? Yep, you’ve already seen, I’m promoting this book like crazy because I do think it’s a worthy read. I know it is worth the price that is asked. If you haven’t bought the book yet, you should!

You can also enter to win a free signed book at

Back to my thank god moments, I was so happy when I realized Bob’s medicine he takes daily and twice a day wouldn’t be an arm and a leg. I mean, you know how the cost of prescription drugs are rising. We just happen to not have those meds. And in three months we should be covered on insurance again so that will be a relief too.

I’ve now lost my train of thought. Earlier today I had a huge list of “I’m thankful for” moments but you know, it’s really the little moments that make life grand and sometimes thinking, thank god, is enough.

Now that it’s after 11 and my eyes are starting to droop I think I will end this. It felt good to write. I have been so busy lately I haven’t had time.

I now remember the whole theme of this post was originally to stay positive and look forward and believe in yourself. I guess now that I’ve said that I can go to bed. Sorry for veering off track so many times.

Good Night!


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