Sneak Peak

Here is a sneak peak from the romance novel I just had published. If you like it you can purchase it here.

The Power of Love by Jenny Leigh Jones

“As the whole world seemed not to see her, Leela rushed down Main Street. She was late for work again and Sammy was going to fire her if she was late. In the six weeks Leela had worked at the diner she was late at least once a week. Sammy had understood at first but she was now losing her patience.
“Doctor’s appointment or not,” Sammy told her the last time, “I cannot let you get away with being late if all my other waitresses have to be on time.”
Waiting tables at the diner wasn’t easy work. She was on her feet at least eight hours a day. She would nearly pass out by the end of her shift, and would struggle to make her way home to the one-room apartment she rented for almost nothing. It wasn’t a pretty room or a room to entertain in, but Leela had no friends – especially no boyfriends. She wasn’t exactly what most people called pretty and she was too shy to actually talk to a guy anyway.
Leela shuffled her way through the crowds of people waiting for the bus. They were dressed in spring clothes. It was a warm day for March. She was two blocks away from the diner and it was exactly eight o’clock. That meant she was going to be late. She had to stop by the clinic earlier in the morning to have blood work done. She had been there at exactly seven and figured that would give her plenty of time for the vampires to take her blood and still get to work on time. Apparently that was what everyone else was thinking too, because the clinic was packed.
As Leela rushed through the door of the diner, Ashley, another waitress, walked up to her.”
“Don’t worry, Leela,” Ashley said under her breath, “she hasn’t been out of the bathroom all morning and doesn’t know you’re late.” Leela quickly thanked her and put on her apron. Today was going to be a long day; work was always harder after she had her blood taken. Leela looked around the diner and saw there were four waitresses working today, which only gave her seven tables. Usually Sammy staffed two waitresses but Mondays were a big day at the diner so she double staffed. Monday was discount day, and they gave discounts to almost everyone- doctors, lawyers, and law enforcement agencies. Leela was pouring coffee to an elderly couple at one of her tables when Sammy finally made an appearance at the counter, smiling from ear to ear.
“Good morning, Leela!” she exclaimed. Leela had no idea why she was in such a good mood since Ashley had told her that she hadn’t left the bathroom all morning. “I have some good news. Jake and I are going to have a baby!” Sammy said, laughing. Jake and Sammy had been married for five years and had tried all of those years to get pregnant, and it had finally happened.
“Congrats!” Leela said back as enthusiastic as she could. Leela was happy for Sammy but she didn’t feel so good. She was having dizzy spells off and on and just figured it was due to having blood work done earlier in the morning. Not to mention that since Leela had only worked there a little over a month she didn’t really feel all that close to Sammy, but the other waitresses that had worked there for years were hugging her and congratulating her.”
Excerpt From: Jenny Leigh Jones. “The Power of Love.” Flashover Press. iBooks.
This material may be protected by copyright.
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6 thoughts on “Sneak Peak

      • Too funny! Me too… we were watching a movie and I had a big gush of words…. they are nonsensical right now, but I got enough of them written down that I should be able to pick it back up tonight.

        We are going to a have a fabulous year this year ~ you know that, right? 😉

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