Tonights random thoughts on Leadership

I don’t always know exactly what will show up on the screen when I sit down to write. Sure, some of my post are thoughts I have been kicking round for days but some of them just happen when my fingers hit the key.

Like today. I had no clue what it was I wanted to write. There is a whirl wind of thoughts going through my head. The problem is, i just don’t know which of those thoughts will surface until I let my fingers do the walking.

So, here it goes.

My thought of the day, Leadership. What makes you a leader? What qualities must one have to show leadership? I’ve been thinking about this because it’s come up in two conversations today. Both in a professional capacity yet two different circumstances.

One circumstance the leadership was lacking in support, training, and following through. If you are going to lead a group of people to success it isn’t just important you be successful yourself. It is important that you are able to relate to these individuals in a way that they want to follow you. You must not get caught up in the I and forget there is a we.
You must be able to properly train your following so they are knowledgable about the journey they are about to embark on. If there is something you don’t know, you need to be able to point them in the right direction to get the training they need. And you need to follow through to make sure that the direction you sent them in was successful. Leadership is not hand holding but it is a follow the leader type of game. You can’t forget about your following and expect them to keep up.

Leadership is also being a person one can open up to. Not everyone is a people person and not everyone needs to be. However if you are in a leaderhip position you need to at least pretend to like people. You cannot be rude or act like you are put out every time someone asks you a question. You also need to lead by example. If there is a rule that everyone must wear blue and you wear green. What makes you think others won’t wear green too?
Leaders don’t talk negatively about their job. Who wants to look up to someone who hates their job? Would you?
And last but not least, a leader must know when to give constructive critisim. There is a way to stay positive when correcting someone or giving critisism as it is called. Just because you are telling someone they need improvement doesn’t mean you have to be negative and mean about it. Also, if you are telling someone they are doing something wrong, make sure you are showing them the correct way.

And there you have the thought of the night folks. Just a little two cents on Leadership.

Good night.

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