I have a challenge for you!

So many challenges going around. Ab Challenge, Arm Challenge, Squat Challenge, Water Challenge. Well I have a challenge for you. Lets lift people up! Lets make it a point to make someone feel good about themselves.
Sometimes, one compliment is all takes to make someones day. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate compliment. It can just be, hey, I saw the pic you just posted, your hair looks great! Or even as generic as Looking good! On someones fitness post. If you see someone is having a hard day, make it a point to make them smile. Every day I look for someone on FB that I think could use a pick me up and I message them. You may have even been one of those someones at some point. All I’m saying it is makes you feel a lot better to make someone else feel good.
So here is my challenge for you. Compliment or reach out to 3 people every day that you think needs it. It could be at work, at home, on facebook, Instagram. It could be at the grocery store, your kids ball game, It could be the stranger walking down the street you smile at and say hi.
It’s not necessary for you to report you did this. You will know if you reached out. If you did, I bet you will feel better about yourself. Ultimately, making others happy and feel good about themselves is going to help you feel good about yourself. Don’t believe me? Try it!

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