My cyber space fist bump

I am totally stoked, completely motivated and ready to get this game on! I’ve been back on my workout kick for a week or two now but I’m ready to kick some fat’s ass! Today, being Thanksgiving, I knew it would not be a keep it clean and under the calorie goal kinda day. After all, you have to have at least a spoonful of ever side! And the desert table just screams your name even if you really aren’t hungry for it. I gotta say though, I didn’t do too bad. I did do the one spoonful of everything but I wasn’t stuffed when it was gone. I even waited a while before digging in the one piece of desert I wanted. All in all even though I’m sure my feast was double maybe triple the calorie intake of a normal meal, I don’t think I did too terribly bad. Did I feel guilty after? Regret it? Wish I hadn’t ate it? NOPE. Let me tell ya why!

I woke up today, drank my coffee and folded some laundry. Did a little running the with the hubby that he had to do and when I got home, I immediately mixed up the pre-workout! Boom! Once that gets in ya, you are rearing to go whether you wanted to or not. Okay, so maybe some times I workout just so I can take the pre-workout because I seriously love how it tastes. But today, I just knew I had to get it in. So down the hatch it went before I even put on my sweats.

I knew I wanted to do one of the workouts I was emailed by Brett Hoebel. See I had signed up for his December Challenge which is 20 minute body. It’s a promotion really on his new 20 minute workouts he has coming out soon. It runs Dec. 1-21. This challenge is to help you stay on track through the holidays. The idea is he is going to email you links to videos you will do in this challenge. Its a sneak peak of his upcoming release. I loved Revabs, his other full length workout programs so I was all over this. Plus, I was kind of at odds in the direction I wanted to go. This helped me decide.

Anyway, I wanted to this 20 minute HIIT, high intensity interval training, workout he emailed me. So after watching the moves, I put on some music and did it! After twenty minutes I was dripping in sweat and panting like a dog and completely wired! There was absolutely no way I could stop now. So I popped in Shaun T’s T25, Rip’T Circuit, and killed it! Full energy all the way through. May was I feeling good.

Time was running out and I had to get my dish made for Thanksgiving dinner and get my shower in so I knew that was the end of my work out. I burned a shit ton of calories though. I don’t have a heart rate monitor now so I don’t know exactly how much, but it was a lot. So I accepted that my Thanksgiving day sweat fest was over.

But like any good social media fitness junkie I made sure to upload my workout to Instagram and facebook and hashtag the appropriate words.

I went about my day, enjoyed my family time and didn’t give it another thought. We were leaving my moms house and I happened to pull up Instagram and was shocked, excited and little stunned to see Brett Hoebel himself commented on my post! Seriously. It was so uplifting and motiving that I am even more stoked to give his 20 Minute Body challenge all I have.
Really, he did, see!


That cyber space fist bump right there is completely going to get me through this challenge. I didn’t need his motivation to do this, but he gave it to me freely. Every time I hear him say in a video, great job, or you can do it, I can remember the time he said it and it was actually meant for me.

So what if that makes me a nerd. (As one good friend would say) I hope he realizes that the few minutes he takes to personally motivate people can mean the world to them. Heck, it did to me.

A great Thanksgiving day.

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