Even great minds need a break!

Here it is, 10 o’clock at night and I’ve procrastinated all day on my writing. I had a few ideas of what to write about but the truth is I just wasn’t feeling it. “You didn’t feel like writing?” you ask? Not exactly writing but maybe the thinking that goes along with putting a subject on paper.

I have the type of mind that just goes and goes and rarely slows down even in my sleep. Sometimes I have tons of ideas I to write about and sometimes I can’t remember a single thing. Tonight I remember a few. Am I going to write about them. I don’t know.

We went over to my step daughter’s house tonight to watch a movie. We love having movie night with them even if we don’t get to do it often. We watched a hilarious movie. We are the MIllers. Great mindless movie and Jennifer Anniston was smokin’ hot in it.

Anyway, we got home a few minutes ago and I saw my keyboard sitting on a shelf. It was calling to me. I had originally thought to myself earlier in the day, no, I won’t write today, but I guess i was wrong because here I am, I find myself tapping away at the keyboard saying not a whole lot of anything but it seems to be exactly what I needed to say.

Today was a very off day for me. I didn’t want to read, but I did, a few chapter on the book I’m currently reading. Hostage, by Kay Hooper. Even though it is a very good book it goes into some details on psychic abilities and it can be a bit brain numbing. I also didn’t want to write, so I didn’t. Until now of course. I wasn’t in the mood to talk to anyone and even went as far as pissing one of my friends off to the point where they didn’t even want to continue a conversation with me. I’m still pretty sure I wasn’t completely at fault for that but I’ll take the blame. What changed? I sat down, I ate some of what one would call comfort food, I call fattening, and I laughed. I watched a movie, cuddled up with my hubby and laughed at the mindless comedy that we watched.

I guess sometimes your brain needs a break from the processing and the reading and the writing. Sometimes, you just have to live a little. Letting go a little can do wonders to getting you back on track with everything else.

I’m looking forward to a family day tomorrow with it being Thanksgiving and all. I’m going to try to give myself over to the joy it should bring and leave the analyzing and over thinking alone. If for no longer than a few hours of daylight, I am going to forget the worries of my life and concentrate on what I am thankful for. Because the truth is, I have so much to be thankful for. That will be a conversation for tomorrow.

For tonight though, I’m hoping to sleep with the gears turning. Wish me luck.

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