Where has my focus gone?

I’m sitting  at work staring at my computer screen at an account I’m sure that has been on my screen for at least the last 10 minutes. In that ten minutes in addition to staring at the screen, I’ve sent a text, checked my facebook, had a conversation with a coworker and planned my lunch. Then I go back to staring at the screen.

I have no focus today. My concentration is shot and it’s only Tuesday.  I had planned on making that into today’s blog topic because I really can’t think of another topic but as usually, my mind is running in the other direction and I have no clue what I should say next about it.

I’m looking forward to Thursday, which is Thanksgiving because I really like to spend time with family and in today’s world everyone is so busy that getting everyone together in one place doesn’t happen often. Then it came to me that my uncle and cousins won’t be joining me because they are Shriners and every year on Thanksgiving and the weekend after they work the Hadi Shrine Circus.

I’m also hungry which makes me want to think about food. It is so hard to concentrate when you have a gnawing feeling in the pit of your stomach screaming, feed me! Thinking about Thanksgiving didn’t help this at all because in addition to thinking about all the family I would see I thought about all the delicious fattening food I would eat. Okay, I’m going to have to talk about something else or my salad isn’t going to cut it for lunch.

I thought about how I should really do my 25 minutes Cardio, T25, on my lunch hour and get it out of the way but then I remember how my son wants to hit the gym tonight, after a haircut and the book store of course.

So while I should be sitting here deciding on some important interesting topic to write about today, I’m just going to tell you that today’s post is just some random thoughts I had while thinking about everything and at the same time nothing. But hey, I got some writing in, right?

Maybe inspiration will hit later…

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