Writing Exercise 11/23

Today’s Random Prompts

Place: A small town
Actor: A handy mechanic
Object: A pile of stones
Mood: Hopeful

She stood there, on the side of the road, outside a small town off the highway just staring at her car with disgust. Why did it have to break down here where there was no passing cars to flag down for help. The hood was popped open and she was looking down at the engine thinking if she looked hard and long enough that the problem would suddenly come to her. It looked no different to her than any other engine did. If there was a problem she sure wouldn’t know how to find it. All she knew is that the car stopped running and no it wouldn’t start.

Walking back to the driver door she tripped over a small pile of stones. Her arms flailed out wildly out at her side and of course it was that moment she noticed a truck coming down the road towards her. Catching herself on the open door, she was too busy praying the man behind the wheel was a handy mechanic to feel any embarrassment at her clumsiness. There was no doubt her less than graceful unexpected dance got his attention.

He pulled his truck up next to her. She was feeling hopeful that maybe her luck was changing. She quickly let go of the door she had used to catch herself and gave the driver of the truck her best and what she hoped was her most dazzling smile.

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