Thoughts of this blogger

Who wants to read my blog?

Really? The correct answer to this questions is no one. No one really wants to read it. I mean, sure a few family members and close friends will click on the link that will show and skim it but other than that, no, no one wants too. It’s so much easier to scroll right past the blog it will take 3-5 minutes to read than it will to keep scrolling and just look at the pictures and one line status updates.

I read a blog earlier this morning , , that was so on the nose it was crazy. 5 things not to say to a blogger. Of course these things all revolved things people say who didn’t read your blog. How’s your blog? Does anyone read your blog? or the famous nothing. I shared it on my facebook page today. I’m fairly sure no one read that blog either.

I’ve been randomly writing blog post for a few years. I haven’t been consistent at it and if anything I’m best at being inconsistent but when I do write I put it out there. I post it on my personal facebook page and my Authors facebook page too. Which I’m also sure no one pays any attention too.

Back to the blog I read earlier, it said most bloggers are insecure. YES! Of course we are. Why else would we be writing in a such a public way. We crave not only the attention but the feed back and the gratification that our writing entertained someone even just for a minute. When one writes, and I don’t just mean updating your facebook page with a paragraph about how johnny’s sisters boyfriends cousin upset you, I mean sits down and puts their thoughts out there in cyber space for friends, family, and strangers to read, they put there heart and soul into the words no matter how carefree and happy the writing seems.

One of my favorite quotes by Ernest Hemmingway is, “It’s easy to write, you just sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” A writer struggles over every word. They read and reread their words even when when its not the most important sentence in the paragraph. They always want the words they chose to be the best words for the story. When a writer is finished, whether it be a poem, a story, or a blog, it becomes part of them. Therefore any remarks, good, bad or indifferent will mean something. Don’t ever assume it takes no effort to write a 500 word blog post because there are some writers it may take all day to perfect.

Back to writers being insecure, don’t think we need constant praise to keep us happy. That isn’t what I mean. After all, most bloggers write for themselves first and others next, but one thing we like to know is our word is being read. There is nothing worse than putting yourself out there and no one seeing it. I’ve been working on promoting my blog more. Not because I want the attention but because I want you to read it. I want some random stranger to read this and say, “Exactly! I feel that way too!” When someone opens their wordpress reader I want to be one of the blogs they follow. And when I post a link on my fb page to my closest friends and family I want them to think, “Oh my, what’s going on in Jenny’s head now?”

So if you read it, let me know. Like it, comment it, share it. Hey, if you enjoy it maybe someone else will too. And if you didn’t, well, maybe someone else will. If you have never taken the time to read my blog it’s probably likely you won’t read this one either. I mean, I can see the view stats and they are never very high. But who knows. Maybe this will be the one you skim.

Happy reading and I mean it from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Thank you for reading even if I don’t realize you do.

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