Writing Exercise 11/21/13

200+ plus words based off of random words given to me off of a writing.com Iphone app.

This scene is based off of a situation I was actually in this last weekend. So weird I got these words.

Place: A mobile phone store

Actor: A meltin snowman

Object: A tube of chapstick

Mood: Excited

I was nervous and excited as I walked into the Mobile Best Buy in the mall.  I was about to upgrade my cell phone because even though it was only a few years old it ran like a dinosaur. It was harder to keep up with technology now a days than it was to win a race against the fastest runner in the world.

I was nervous because change scares me. I am not exactly opposed to change because most of the time the change is for the better but change always takes me out of my comfort zone a little.  I happened to like my comfort zone.

This particular transaction was an even trade which by far gave me the better deal.  I was taking a cell phone I had originally paid $50 for and trading it in for a $100 credit on an upgraded Iphone which just happened to be on sale for $100. Yes, I would say this definitely made sense to do. Shaking off my nerves, I waited as I eyed the salesman finishing up at the counter.

He caught my eye and nodded and I understood what he was saying. He would be with me in just a minute. His smile was very friendly if not a bit strained. I could tell it was a busy day at the store.  Looking around I saw five other employees eagerly helping other customers and several other customers just browsing around the store.It was a small store in the mall and it was only half the size of all the other clothing stores around it.

I glanced back up to what would soon be my salesman. He was a hefty gentleman and whether it was the fact the air felt like it wasn’t working or just all the body heat from the customer packed store he reminded me of a melting snowman.  His face was red and he had little beads of sweat popping up and slowly sliding down the side of his face.  His nose was red and I could occasionally hear him sniffle.  The couch that followed was a sure sign he was sick and this heat wasn’t helping any. His lips looked chapped and it made me want to offer him my tube of chap stick.  I was busy studying him I hadn’t realized he was looking right at me. It was finally my turn to chase technology.

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