Writing Exercise ~11/20/13

Using a writing app on my iphone,  I am writing a 200 + word scene using the random prompts below.

Place: In an orange room

Character: Fisherman

Object: Life jacket

Mood: Curious


Henry stood in the middle of what was suppose to be the room he would sleep in and couldn’t stop his jaw from dropping. He had stayed in a lot of shacks in his day as a traveling fisherman but none that had walls the color of his trusty worn life jacket.

He was sure orange was the original color of the walls but they had faded just as the worn nylon of the very life jacket he held in his hand.  Shaking his head he wondered to himself what possessed some one to paint walls that color.  He was more than a little skeptical to walk the few feet it would require to take him to the bed he would be laying his body on to rest.

This was exactly what he deserved for just picking the cheapest and closest motel to the water. It isn’t the first time he had placed himself in a room that was not even as clean as the boat he fished in.  Lesson learned, he thought to himself, as he surveyed the rest of his room.

If he wasn’t so dog tired as he was at this moment he would have marched right back out of the room and back to his  truck but a long day on the water and another long day promised in only a few hours left him no choice this time.

With a sigh, and a silent prayer the bed was bug free, he threw down his bag and his life jacket and headed to the shower.



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