Just how important is nutrition when losing weight?

It’s time to get real folks.  For two and a half years now I have been on my fitness kick. When I started my weight loss Journey I was tipping the scale at 165. It took me a whole year to lose the 50 pounds I wanted to lose. I had only lost 15 pounds in the first six months of my journey even though it was several inches. Why is that? Let me explain.

When I started working out in November of 2010 I was under the assumption that as long as I was sweating bullets daily putting in the hours on exercise recommended I would lose weight. There is some truth to that. I even counted calories. I kept it too 1200 calories a day.  Most of that was what I considered healthy calories. And even if they weren’t so healthy, as long as I was under 1200 calories a day it was still okay, right? How many of my friends who started their weight loss journey this year feel the same way. Load up at the store on weight watchers and healthy choice frozen dinners. Hit the fast food joints for a salad. Order the chicken sandwich instead of  the burger and assume that is better? Yep. That was me. I did lose weight. Slowly. I saw a difference and it made me happy.

Three months into my journey I met a group of friends who encouraged me to eat clean. Why should I do that? I thought to myself. I mean, I’m losing weight. I’m looking good. I’m feeling good. Then I hit a plateau where i was no longer losing weight. I upped my workout efforts. Doubling up. Still, I stayed the same.

It was sometime late summer of 2011 that it hit me. Maybe my friends know what they are talking about. I started drinking Shakeology regularly and started eating clean. Many people say they can’t afford it. Let me tell you. If you want it, you can find a way. Put yourself on a budget. It means you have to plan your meals. Grocery shop regularly. But it works. By the end of 2011 I had hit my all time personal goal. I was weighing in at 115 lbs and fitting in to my size 4 jeans and loving it!

And I am human. Which means that 2012 and was roller coaster ride for me. I workout out. I ate clean. I ate clean, I took a hiatus from working out. I worked out and I ate junk. I finished 2012 off working out and eating clean and found myself exactly where I ended 2011. In the course of the year I had fluctuated 10-15 pounds. Always gaining when I ate whatever I wanted and always losing when I ate clean. Even when I quit working out for three months on a stubborn kick I didn’t gain as much as I did when I was working out again yet not eating clean. Present day. I started a new journey January 1st with my husband. Together we started lifting weights. You have seen all of my progress pictures and know how that is going. I love it. I will never stop lifting weights as long as I am into fitness because I love the way it makes my body look. I also started eating clean then. Proper fuel for lifting. In February I decided I wanted to start working on  those abs. I turned to Carb cycling. If you have read my blogs you read my blogs on that and you know how that worked. But it put me close. I need to tweak the menu a bit and up the calories for proper fueling. But all in all I ended february on high note.

March first seemed to the turning point for me. I had some negative feedback, which you may have read about in my previous blogs, that hit me wrong. Negative feedback is poison. We know this. We try to work through it. However sometimes we choose to let it get us down. I say choose because we have a choice. I chose to let it effect me.

The month of March I ate half clean and half not clean. That was mixed in. Not literally first half second half. Some days I cared and some I didn’t. A few days a week I would get back on the wagon and a few days a week I would fall off.  I still continued my workouts regularly though. Lifting, Yoga, Turbo, Cardio at the gym, Fit Clubs. Nothing changed in my workout routines except the fact I wasn’t properly fueling so I had to convince myself this was what I wanted. Now, Here it goes. This is what NOT eating clean can do for you even if you still work out.


I am half embarrassed to show this picture. Can you see how close I was to having those Abs I talk about all the time? The first picture was taken on March 1st as my progress pic. This picture was taken Today.  One month folks. You can lose it all in one month. Eating clean can make or break you. If you have a real goal to lose weight, get the most out of your hard work. Sure you can see results eating frozen dinners and cutting calories. But you can see BETTER and MORE results if you do it right. Don’t diet, change your eating style. Eat fresh and natural and leave the processed food alone! If me slacking and losing my flat almost tone tummy does anything please let it show you that just 30 days of eating clean can really make a difference.

I think this was an eye opener for me. Sure, I know what eating clean can do you me because I’ve seen the results but sometimes we have to stumble and fall so we can get back up. I’m getting  back up. Looking at this picture is a wake up call for me. I’m going back to eating the way that makes me feel good.  I’m getting my body back. If you have goals to lose weight and tone up, don’t waste time. Eat clean.

2 thoughts on “Just how important is nutrition when losing weight?

  1. That is so true Jenny. Especially for us women. It’s not fair but we gotta deal with it if we want that sexy tummy. The tummy is the hardest to get.

    • The hardest and the most wanted! I am really thinking that I will be working off just as much as a belly as you will be after you have your little Dom! 🙂

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