Poison of the mind… Negativity

Have you ever been in such a great mood, the world seemed perfect. Life was great and then boom, someone makes a comment and it all falls down like water pouring out of a faucet? Yea, Good old Negativity. Always there to put you in your place when you feel great. I can’t count the number of times that this has happened to me. Most recently, two hours ago.

Sometimes the other person doesn’t mean to bring you down. And sometimes, lets be honest, we are the perpetrator. Negativity is contagious. And once it gets in our blood it just flows through the body and contaminates everything we touch. But sometimes, negativity is used in such a mean, down right rude way, you know it was purposely aimed at your good mood. Well, Haters gonna hate! I may have let it rule my world for an hour but now, I’m using it as a lesson! After all, all of life is a lesson. Take from it what you can, use what you learn, and make it better!

So negativity can kiss my ass! I try to live my life as positive as I can because I’ve been the negative Nelly. It’s no fun!

So don’t like my positive FB and IG post, unfriend me! Don’t like the fact I compliment you? Don’t talk to me.  That’s why there is that option!

Don’t spread the disease of negativity. Don’t let it eat away your life. Be happy, Be positive, and spread joy!

Give a compliment!

2 thoughts on “Poison of the mind… Negativity

  1. It’s also great to realize that in the moment you receive that negativity, you have a choice in how you can respond. In that moment comes power to be who you really, which in this case, is a person committed to making the planet a more positive place to be.

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