Two Month Progress Report

Warning, the following post is about my fitness journey. I will talk about everything fitness and nutrition related I can. If you don’t want to hear it, don’t read this. You’ve been warned.
(For all those who love to make comments about my “obsessions”)

It’s been two months since I’ve started my “Muscle Up” project and four weeks since I started my “Get abs” project. I must say it has been the most enjoyable experience yet in my Two and a half year Fitness Journey. The beginning of my journey was centered around my weight loss. And then it was all about maintaining my weight and fine tuning my body. Now, I’m playing with the big boys, or rather my husband, trying to put some big muscle on my little body. Yes, I know, I’m a girl. No, I don’t want to be muscled up like a dude, (even though there is a running joke about that) but I have recently, okay maybe just recently accepted, that I think a woman with muscle is sexy!

There is such a misconception about women who lift. You see pictures of women who body build and they are all bulky and have muscles much bigger than the average man. That is an exception folks. It’s not the rule. It’s def not how any average woman who just lifts some weights and drinks some protein will look. No, that look comes from supplements and training even I won’t go into. I just want to look good on the boat this summer. So now that I’ve squashed that myth, let’s talk about me.


January 1, 2013 was the first day that my husband and I entered our weight room at the same time and committed ourselves to this journey. He needed to do it for his health and I wanted to do it as a new challenge. After losing weight, I became “skinny” and let’s face it, skinny isn’t sexy. So we sat down and wrote out a schedule and now we just do it. Our goal is to lift 3 days and take a rest day before starting again. Our first day will we work our biceps and Chest, the second day Triceps and Shoulders, and the third day legs and back. We do Abs as often as we can. I work in cardio twice a week. Although here lately I’ve been getting a lot more of it in. In the two months we have been lifting our schedule has been altered at times due to life and maybe we will do two days on and one day off and another two days off. But we always follow our next scheduled workout and we always write our sets and weights in a notebook so the next week we know where we are. We do bulking and strength lifting. After all, muscles are great to look at but they aren’t much good if they don’t make you strong. I’m proud to say we have made it 2 months on our journey.


Month one I saw some great muscle growth. I believe month two for me was more definition than growth. I believe this because I was also Carb Cycling during Month two. I am Carb Cycling to bring my Body Fat Percentage down so you can actually see my abs. As I’ve stated before, I have some nice ab muscles if we can ever see them. I know this because I can feel them! I have a damn wash board under this layer of excess fat and skin. I’m ready to be rid of it.

Okay, A lot of people have asked me about Carb Cycling. There are many different variations of carb cycling. The extent you take your Cycling to the extreme will usually be determined by your goal. Some body builders use it to get ready for a competition or a photo shoot. I just want a six pack so I am not taking it as extreme as some. I’m doing 3 days of low carbs and 1 day of high carbs to replenish. All the time I take in plenty of Good Fat and A TON of Protein.

I have to say, Carb Cycling has been hell on my energy level. I will admit that my activity level has been higher in the last couple weeks than it was when I started so it’s possible I need to up my calories. And since I’m starting a new phase tomorrow I plan to recalculate and make sure I’m still accurate. But because my energy levels were low I also feel my workouts suffered. I truly feel if I hadn’t been carb cycling my mucles growth would have been more. Now, I shouldn’t complain because I am leaning out more with the carb cycling. And I know many of you think I’m nuts for thinking I need to “lean out” but if I want poppin’ Abs, that is what is required of me. And once I have abs, I can maintain and put some more weight on in the form of MUSCLE! (I log my food daily on My Fitness Pal and you can friend me at JennyLJones and view my diary for a sample menu.)

Okay, so I’ve talked about my desire for muscles, I’ve talked about my desire for abs. But now that I’ve taken a look at my month two pictures I’ve noticed I really need to step up on my game on my back muscles. I thought I would have more definition but I don’t have any. I guess I was so busy concentrating on my Arms and Abs that even though I was working them, I let it slip. So Refocusing, refiguring, and reapplying myself to this in whole. Month three will be epic!

I’ve attached some progress pictures. Thanks for listening to me Obsess. I do realize after rereading this post it doesn’t really have a purpose to it except to give me an outlet to ramble on. Sometimes, you just have to get it out.


New Image2 New Image5 New Image3 New Image1

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