I just wanna write!

It seriously irritates me that when I have no time to write I feel my creative juices rolling in. I can think if a million and one topics to write about and I may even jot the ideas down. I’ll compose blog post in my mind knowing as soon as I get to a computer I can get them typed out. Somehow, those ideas always get lost in that brain if mine. Where do they go? Because I can’t think of a one right now!
Of course I love to write! I love stringing words together to tell a story. Real or fiction, makes me no difference. I may be a quiet person (well sometimes) but give me a chance to write whether it be pencil or typing and you can hardly keep the words in. Except of course, when I can’t think if squat to write. Like now!
Up until I started a blog my writing has always been fiction. Romance and poetry. Lame girl stuff, right? Well, I still love it! Reading, writing, it’s still my first love. However I’m starting to like blogging. I get on kicks. Maybe about fitness and health or maybe about my family. Maybe it’s about an experience I had with a certain company. But regardless, it’s always about my life.
See, it’s funny because I sat here for twenty minutes and tried to start a post about every one of those subjects and just couldn’t! I couldn’t put the right words together to articulate a point I wanted to make. Heck, let’s me honest! I didn’t even know what point I wanted to make. So u decided to bullshit my way through.
That my friends is what you are wasting your precious time that could be spent on Facebook or watching tv on. Complete and utter bullshit. I wanted to write and now I have. About how I wanted to write and couldn’t. Yet, looks like I could. Hmm.

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