Music is food for the soul!

I woke up this morning sore as heck because I’ve been abusing my poor leg muscles with these workouts I keep doing. Not only my scheduled ones which are designed to give your muscles rest, but additional ones like fit club workouts and lunch hour running. Well, after this weeks brutal attack on my calves I knew they needed a rest. So when getting my things ready for work I left out my work out clothes.  If I don’t have them, I wont work out, right? But then it came time to leave and I remembered it was suppose to be such a beautiful day. So as quick as I could, I grabbed my sweats and a tee shirt and shoved them in my bag and off to work I went.

As the morning went on the sun started to shine and I thanked god I grabbed those sweats because it gave me a chance to not only physically exercise my body, but feed my soul the food it needed. Man on man, I forgot how much I do love music. It is truly food for the soul.

Lets talk about Music.

When I think of my childhood back when my life consisted of my mom and dad and siblings I think of music. My dad was a big music lover and he passed that on to each and every one of us kids. I remember mom dancing around the living room with us. It’s one of the very happy memories I have.  I also remember gauging his moods by the music that was playing when I came home from school or playing outside.  Looking back now I realize that my childhood had many ups and downs. Some were very serious and some were just normal life issues everyone deals with. From someone looking in from the outside one may have even said my childhood was difficult or lacking.  I however do not see it that way. I had two parents who did the best they could and a damn fine job if I must say so myself.  They taught us how to love, they taught us how live, they taught us how to laugh, and they taught us our love for music!  No matter what happened. We always had the music.

When I think of music I don’t just think of turning on the radio and jamming to the latest hits. Anyone who went to school with me knows I had an interest in instrumental music as well. Yes, I am a fan of classics.  I started playing the flute at a young age in Elementary School and played right up until I graduated high school. I held on to that flute until about two years ago when I finallly sold it to a dedicated high school girl who loved music as much as I did. I also played the piccolo and even the trumpet for a year of marching band. I love making music as much as I loved listening to it.  I could feel it moving through my body to my finger tips and out my lips.

So with that background I’ll fast forward to present day. Or yesterday anyway. I came home from fit club and sat down exhausted when my brother walks in.  It’s quiet because I don’t keep the TV on when I’m home alone. After a bit of chit chat he turns the music on his phone on and it’s playing an old 90’s rock song. As soon as the tune started to play a memory jumped into my head. 14 years old, at my buddies Andy and Chris’s house watching MTV videos, (Yes they had videos then not reality shows), with a few other friends, Corey Randy, Tiffany, Jeff, Jimmy. I remember we use to tape them on VHS and watch them when we weren’t outside playing. It went that way for the next 15 minutes. Every song that came out of his phone pushed another memory to the surface that I had forgotten.  Man, I can’t explain how it made me feel.

He explains to me this app he got on his Iphone and I jump at the chance to get it too. Then for the rest of the night I downloaded every 90’s song that I could remember. I’ll be tackling the 80’s next!

You may wonder if that is a productive way to spend my time. And maybe to some it isn’t. However the memories and the life lessons I associate with that music all came back to me. Memories I’d love to share with my children and life lessons I want to pass on. I want to instill in my children the one thing the world cannot take away from them. Their love of music.

As I started on my walk today I intended it to only be a 30 minute venture. I walked in the sun for one hour enjoying many many songs that touched my life at one point of time or another. Some made me tear up, some gave me chills, and some made me laugh so hard I had to slow my pace. Today wasn’t about listening to the music. It was about remember the time in my life the music was present.

The next time an old song comes on the radio, think about how it makes you feel now and see if there is a memory attached to it. Most likely, there is.

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